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bakery assistant

  • Explain products of specials of the day. 
  • Answer questions about product to be ordered.
  • Distribute product samples of pastries of the week and interact with customers
  • Set up and display  bakery early each morning to open at 5 a.m.
  • Inspect condition of premises, and arrange for necessary maintenance  to keep clean. 
  • Prepare and baggage bread and pastries for sales.

bakery assistant / delivery driver

  • Served customers daily with effective customer service 
  • Displayed enthusiasm and knowledge about the bakeries menu and products 
  • Verified each delivery against shipping instructions before delivering to customers 
  • Provided friendly and attentive service 

bakery assistant

  • Being registered trained and helping with customer enquiries.
  • The return of loose stock in a timely manner.
  • Removing old ticketing and placing new ticketing throughout the store.
  • Office duties including cash deposits and safe management.
  • Ensure both fridges and ovens are tempting correctly.
  • Ensuring stock management procedures are completed in a timely and correct manner.
  •  Small team staff management.

bakery assistant

  • Roll, knead, cut, and shape dough to form cookies and donuts.
  • Place dough in pans, molds, and on sheets and bake in production ovens.
  • Apply glazes, icings, and other toppings to baked goods, using spatulas and brushes.
  • Serve prepared foods, such as muffins, cakes, or donuts.
  • Scrub and polish counters, tables, and other equipment, and clean glasses, dishes, and fountain equipment.

bakery assistant

  • Cleaned bakery, dining area, and restrooms.
  • Prepared salads to be stocked in refrigerated area.
  • Restocked products that were low on the shelves.
  • Take out garbage through out the day to maintain cleanliness.
  • Operate dough machines to bake bread, doughnuts, and pastries.
  • Restocked beverages for customers to self-serve themselves.