How to Write an Impressive Resume Objective

How to Write an Impressive Resume Objective

You wouldn’t buy a product online without first reading the product description. You want to know what you’re getting, and if it’s any good.

Similarly, when you write a resume, you shouldn’t neglect the objective. Some will argue that objectives are no longer needed, either because they are unnecessary and take up space, or because they are simply a thing of the past.

A good objective is one that highlights both your skills and your goals. A killer objective can often be enough to grab a hiring manager’s attention—but you have to do it right.

1. The Basics

A resume objective will contain a brief, one- to two- sentence statement of your career goals. When composed correctly, the most effective objective will be explicit about the specific job and type of employment desired. It will also include a succinct overview of how your skills or background make you the most qualified candidate.

2. Customize

Including an objective is, again, not a mandatory component of your resume. However, it can inform the employer that you’ve done your research. You have a clear idea of what you want, and aren’t just applying to every job that comes your way.

Make sure you customize the objective on your resume for each and every job to which you apply. Don’t make the mistake of sending off a resume to a job with an objective that has been tailored to another position. Although you can create a resume with a “blanket” objective if the positions to which you are applying are very similar, it is better to adjust each time. This way, you can make sure that you are selling yourself as precisely as possible.

3. Research

Use the job description to guide you. Pull important keywords from the posting and plug them into your objective, and be sure to connect the new job back to any prior experiences. An employer is dedicating time specifically to you by reading your resume, so make sure you take the time to thoroughly research the company to which you are applying. A good objective will contain a clear understanding of the company’s goals and background, as well as how you can fulfill the job description to best meet their needs.

Need Help with Objectives?

Objectives are tough to write, especially if you struggle with wordiness, or simply finding the rights words to sell yourself. If you’re worried about how to write an impactful objective for your resume, seek some help from outside sources. Have a friend proofread your objectives to see if you’re hitting the mark, or try a resume creator to convert your skills and career goals into a neat objective. Look at other resume examples for successful applicants in your field to see what kinds of objectives make them stand out.

You could also use a resume template. A template will take the stress out of building the rest of your resume and allow you to focus on how to best format your objective.