Associate Director Resume Examples

associate director

  •  Successfully delivered $1M client technology refresh project, on-time/on-budget by leading cross-functional team utilizing project management best practices.
  •  Analyzed metrics for service requests and incidents to identify problem trends and adjusted training/support of technical staff accordingly, meeting 100% of service level agreement (SLA) compliance. 
  •  Improved the development of support staff with cross-training, which increased productivity by 17% and reduced staffing budget by 9% 
  •  Designed the updated Event Management process to include management ownership of cross-vendor severity incidents. 
  •  Managed an ever-changing, cross-functional, 120-member team and met account needs through cross-training and creative hiring practices including off-shore, near-shore, and remote workers.
  •  Developed organizational-level strategy towards meeting customer goals and aligned staffing models and project priorities towards meeting the goals
  •  Handled recruiting, hiring, training, and personnel actions for delivery team with up to 100 team members 

associate director, professional services

  • Managed the long-range planning, development, recruitment, retention and engagement programs of legal association’s segmented membership base along with managing a staff of two
  • Developed segmentation strategy encompassing educational programs, social events, regional chapters, student chapters and networking opportunities on a national/regional level to increase participation and engagement in underserved membership categories by 7-10% annually
  • Created newsletters, state, regional, and local framework for engagement opportunities, and increased visibility for diverse membership base in order to overhaul existing demographic norms
  •  Achieved a customer satisfaction score of 97.9%, well above standard of 96%, and ranked as #2 out of 13 divisions 

associate director

  • Taking down the editing report.
  •  Keeping the art continuity and action continuity under control.
  • Managing the hard disks and supporting the editor while the post production process.B
  •  Developed account plans for designated key accounts resulted in the discovery of major up-sell opportunities. 

associate director

  • Opening film at ‘International Film Festival of India, Goa, 2018’.
  •  Scored 100% on yearly employee survey, on all questions relating to their immediate manager 
  •  Managed P&L at + 60% 
  •  Implemented process oriented work streams for service delivery 

associate director, gift marketing & planning

  • Initiated proposals for stakeholders for outright and planned gifts of complex assets averaging approximately 100 proposals annually with a closure rate of over 40%. 
  • Stewarded relationships through written and telephone contact as well as personal visits. 
  • Developed model with internal teams and external consultants to set income projections. 
  • Managed the production of marketing material including targeted mailings (approximately 2.5 million pieces annually)
  • Created copy for booklets, brochures, flyers, donor stories, cover letters, and newsletters. 
  • Managed vendors including list brokers, data enhancement service providers, mailing houses, design firms and print shops. 
  • Coordinated the planned giving advertising program. 

associate director

  • Joined as a Assistant manager/ Senior associate and was promoted to as Assiciate Director 
  • Lead and manage cyber defense engagements and investigations of cyber-attacks such as ransomware, phishing, malware breach, data thefts, bank SWIFT system breach etc. against corporate clients and banks launched by sophisticated cyber criminals and nation state backed attackers. 
  • Guide clients through unstructured incident response plan and carried out evidence preservation, incident containment and investigation. 
  • Optmized existing digital forensic evidence preservation procedures and reduced processing time by 30%.
  • Coordinated digital forensic colections, preservations with clients various team to ensure meeting timelines stated and deliver quality output 
  • Onboared new technologies and tools to gain advance capabilities of remote acquisitions, threat hunting and enhance evidence processing
  • Developed and executed business development activities,/ conference presentations to maximize market presence and visibility;

associate director, financial advisory group

  • Approve, reject, or coordinate the approval of financial plans implemented by consultants
  • Recruit financial consultants, conduct and oversee training programs.
  • Sell various types of financial solutions to businesses and individuals, including automobile, life, property, medical and investment.
  • Develop marketing strategies to seek out new clients to compete with other individuals or companies who market financial services.
  • Establish and maintain long term relationships with individual or business customers to provide financial services and grow AUM.
  • Uncover unique selling points, explain features, advantages and disadvantages of various policies to promote the sale of financial solutions.

associate director

  • Teaching and training for upgrading 
  • Mentoring and coaching study skills for Distance Learners 
  • Writing Assessment Papers on Distance Modes
  • Supervising and managing Distance Staff. 

associate director

  • Responding to proposals and quotations including the development and coordination across multiple service lines 
  • Audit Plan development aligned to assurance mapping across the three lines of defence 
  • Planning, coordination and ongoing management of engagement teams across service lines 
  • Project profitability monitoring 
  • Integrating specialist across service lines to ensure value based outputs 
  • Data Analytics completion and integration into reports 
  • Coordination of LEAN Workshops 

associate director, market access and government affairs

  • Establish or maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of government, patient and public interest groups.
  • Represent Gilead Canada as a core member and support for the chair (Gilead is the 2018 lead) of Innovative Medicines Canada
  • Develop the government affairs and market access strategies for key Gilead brands in Western Canada including HIV (40% of the Canadian market), HCV (35% of the Canadian market) oncology
  • Collaborate with senior government officials to develop provincial policies for car-T cancer cell therapy
  • Prepare environmental scans and monitor key government policies in order to advise the senior leadership team regarding business impact
  • Partner with cross functional team members on product launch teams and integrated stakeholder planning projects