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stock clerk

  • Ensure that all stock is unpacked
  • Unloaded boxes of merchandise, and placed in correct area on shelf.
  • Kept work area clean and organised.
  • Helped customers find items they were looking for.

stock clerk/fresh produce

  •  managing the restock in certain parts of the store such as the deli, confectionary isles, all refrigerated items.
  •  Another requirement of this job was managing the disposal of all waste and other unneeded items such as wasted packaging, expired items and old fresh produce.
  • This job included roughly 30-40 hours of labour a week
  • The ability to operate basic lifting machinery
  • Provide customer service and basic knowledge of all products

stock clerk

  • Arrange and organize product shelves
  • Unload pallets of store products off of trucks
  • Participate in overnight store resets
  • Retrieved merchandise from back storage room areas 
  • Helped to resolve availability of merchandise
  • Returned merchandise to shelves, cleaned/organized work areas and backroom storage while collecting carts and assisting in building product displays
  • Engaged and interacted with customers during every shift.

stock clerk

  • Kept product stocked on the shelves.
  • Assisted customers in general retail needs as well as special orders needed by the customer.
  • Trained new employees, including when their position differed from what I did.
  • Managed inventory, orders, and sales for my departments.
  • Received and managed incoming orders regardless of department.
  • Operated and assisted coworkers with our computer and ordering systems.
  • Operated a forklift for the purpose of moving pallets in and out of the store.

stock clerk/retailer

  • Stock Clerk is knowledgeable of stock keeping, do reports of the store, receiving of deliveries, prepare permits and receiving memos at mall admin.
  • Can do email to other stores
  • Re-tagging the new markdown items
  • Perform overnights if there is a set up or a pull out of items in other stores (especially on bench tower).
  • Assistant of Supervisor/Manager
  • Sales Crew
  • Assisting Customer in good and nice ways