Specialist Resume Examples


  • Trained customers of various backgrounds and levels on how to use their personal/business Apple technology, which consist of products such as MacBook Pro’s, Mac Air, iMAC’s, iPads, all iPod Models and iPhones 
  • Solve technical issues with software for Macbook computers, iPad and iPhone devices 
  • Set up and personalize mobile devices, MacBook Pro’s, Mac Air, iMAC’s, iPads and iphones 
  • Transfer data between mobile devices 
  • Provide information about company business solutions and benefits 


  • Gathering requirements from Operations Team/Client and analyzing its feasibility
  • Design test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures
  • Develop testing programs that address areas such as software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, or usability
  • Participated in the meetings, prepared reports and other supportive documentation to contribute to establishment of standards and procedures for software testing
  • Monitor bug resolution efforts and track successes
  • Update automated test scripts to ensure currency
  • Have Handled the complete delivery of the product


  • Design and Develop new features across various modules
  • Contributed to increase in revenue by 20% to VES with successful implementation of new features in WIN
  • Architect / Create CI/CD pipeline for the applications from scratch using Dev-Ops tool set
  • Process reservation over the phone. Assist guest with planning and booking reservations and help plan travel itineraries by suggesting local attractions and places of interest.

senior specialist, data management

  • Transitioning/on-boarding new licensing models (re-seller software licenses) and global clients for new projects. 
  • Handling escalations
  • Monitor tasks and coordinate with clients
  • Performing quality audits for database
  • Overall execution, SLA management, resource management and client Interaction.
  • Provide technical support to Clients.
  • Create and enforce database standards.

specialist, channel management

  • Participated in Sales Planning and Strategies
  • Developed and executed sales programs in driving nationwide prepaid acquisition
  • Performed data harvesting, plotted market trend for new sales and marketing opportunities
  • Managed the go-to-market processes and deliverables 

senior specialist

  • Diagnose bodily disorders and orthopedic conditions and provide treatments, such as medicines, in clinics, hospital wards.
  • Provided technical support, expertise and user training for a variety of Apple/Macintosh hardware, software and devices.(iOS, Mac OS X)
  • Helped customers make informed decisions on apple purchases of all devices. 
  • Provided personal training sessions for customers in Mac OS X, iOS devices & iWork, iLife & Apple Pro Applications (Logic Pro, Aperture).


  • Produces posters and detailed emails regarding new features, promotions, products, and store policies in the store to keep the team informed. 
  • Works alongside the merchandising team to make sure the overall look of the store is organized and in proper visual standards according to Apple Retail Planogram. 
  • Multitasks and adapts in different positions, responsibilities and aspects of the store based on business and client needs in a fast and changing environment. 
  • Works with the managers/leadership team to successfully execute product launches. 
  • Have developed very strong communication, independent learning and problem solving skills. 
  • Produces graphics/creative videos for store meetings which are shared to the Market and Corporate. 
  • Troubleshoots on the fly issues with Apple devices after assessing the right solution for the customer. 


  • Worked in the Crim Department (AISS) as a record entry and QC specialist
  • Learnt the Crim Functioning right from where the order enters till where the order is scored
  • Was rewarded the EOM in 2013 for getting Volt and E-Ver TATs back on trackoverall
  • Built up CIM and FMT in Crim department

specialist, investigation and enforcement

  • follow up compliance of commodity exchange rules to ensure compliance and properly investigate trade manipulations. 
  • Prepare legal briefs and opinions, on commodity market and rules of the country.
  • Legislative drafting, legal writing (drafting legal documents).
  • Drafting and amending working procedures, manuals and standards considering relevant laws and compliance or rules.
  • Investigate non-compliance / violations and prepare a report and finally respond to the violation following legal measures which ensure compliance.
  • Scrutinizing potential areas of compliance risk and propose  corrective measures to mitigate such risks.
  • Analyzing Hierarchy of  laws, preparing pleading (statement of claim, statement of defense and other pleadings).

specialist, enterprise service assurance

  • Teaches customers in workshops and personal training with the website development, social media 
  • platforms, presentations, operating systems, software and devices. 
  • Handles incoming calls on a multi-line system concerning client requests and appointments. 
  • Supporting to oversee compliance is maintained with the relevant laws and regulations at all levels and  by the Exchange, Members and clients.