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front office medical assistant

  • Schedule 35 to 65 patients daily in a 15 bed, 5 procedure room facility for 12 gastroenterologists to perform colonoscopy’s, endoscopy’s and flex sigmoidoscopy’s
  • Admit patients upon arrival professionally and efficiently from start of check in on EMR (Athena) and verifying all documentation is signed and charted accurately prior to giving the chart to admitting nurse. 
  • Create and verify the daily surgery schedule for the next day and up to 2 to 5 days out using excel and EMR (Athena and GMED). Check for any additions or cancellations the day of and inform charge nurse of all changes, reasons why and for any staffing changes that need to be made.
  • Prepare all charts for the next day and in excess of 2 to 5 days, including sanitizing, prepare all packets that are inserted into the charts prior to adding the individual patients info, date stamp, label all paperwork with patients name, DOB, Dr. and DOS.  
  • Verifying all authorizations and insurances are current along with Doctors H and P’s.
  • Answer heavy phones. 
  • Coordinate the Dr’s schedules with their practices to ensure all schedules are up to date. 

front office medical assistant

  • Communicate with the Anesthesiologist’s group that the Anesthesiologist’s schedules are correct and current for the next day.  
  • Confirm at the end of the day with the Anesthesiologist group that all procedures with anesthesia were documented accurately
  • Assist the Clinical Director and the Assistant Clinical Director with any requests they may have in regards to the Doctor’s schedules,  patient concerns, patient charts and any other requests they have for patient care.  
  • In charge of the Environment of Care for the facility 
  • Accounts receivable, daily deposit and prepare and send out all accounts payable as requested by Clinical Director. 
  • Communicate with admitting and recovery nurses in regards to patient care, transportation, Dr’s daily schedule in regards to the procedure times and changes that may occur throughout the day and informing patients of such info as effectively and efficiently as possible. 
  • At the end of the day, disinfect all areas of the front office.