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assistant registrar

  • Managed the day-to-day operations of the Registrar One Stop Center, servicing over 42,000 students.  Services included: registration, transcripts, verifications, diplomas, transfer credits, course scheduling, and petition services
  • Managed course scheduling and publication of the schedule of classes
  • Served as the liaison between system programmers and the Associate Registrar when testing and implementing system changes
  • Coordinated with the athletic department to determine eligibility and compliance
  • Supported the Financial Aid Office in complying with Department of Education, Title IV requirements
  • Provided technical and enrollment reports to the office of Orientation Programs during on and off campus orientation sessions 
  • Worked closely with Student Support and Advocacy to assist students who are in crisis 

assistant registrar

  • Serve on administrative committees that deal with institutional policies, departmental matters, and academic issues.
  • Write grant proposals to procure external research funding. 
  • Monitoring and preparing faculty budget.
  • Oversaw training for staff and coordinators campus-wide in areas on scheduling, record-keeping, and web registration

assistant registrar/administrative secretary

  • Secretary ship to the governing bodies of the institute i.e. the management committee, finance board and advisory board. 
  • Annual staff conference, meetings of senior members and ad-hoc committees of senior members. 
  • Preparation of annual reports on the institute 
  • Administrative responsibility of the new year and Easter schools 
  • General administration of the institute as assigned by the director 
  • Recruitment, posting and transfer of junior/senior staff 
  • Supervision of junior and senior staff at headquarters.  monitoring punctuality and regularity of attendance in line with university regulations.  he is also charged with responsibility for disciplinary matters. 

assistant registrar

  • Preparation of training schedules, including in-service, for staff oversight responsibility for printing and computer units and to streamline procedures for the use of equipment, including. the pcs and photocopiers. 
  • Maintenance, repair and oversight of buildings, equipment and vehicles. 
  • Preparation of annual reports on junior and senior staff. 
  • Preparation of newsletters including the staff bulletin. 

senior assistant registrar

  • Co-ordination of schedules in the university relations section. 
  • Estimates and expenditure control. 
  • Information and communication (general). 
  • University publications. 
  • Press relations. 
  • Public relations and administrative support for vice-chancellor,