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senior team lead

  • Managing team of 33 members, core operations is contract & trade commodities settlement. Sales as well Purchase of portfolio managed by CASC NA (Cargill Agriculture Supply Chain, North America)
  • Billing & sending of invoices to customer for payment is in purview of my team. Collaborate with OTSC at other CBS center, in order to provide documentation/back up to receive the payment & cash application
  • Locate and notify customers of delinquent accounts by mail, telephone, or personal visits to solicit payment
  • Persuade customers to pay amounts due on credit accounts, damage claims, or non-payable checks, or to return merchandise
  • Stakeholders management (Weekly & Monthly)
  • Monthly performance review of team members & provide feedback as per CLE (Cargill Leadership Expectation) framework
  • Before moving to CASC NA business, I was handling I2P (Invoice to Pay) process for CAN (Cargill Animal Nutrition) enterpriseWherein, I handled 30 member team & 3 ERP’s (NIS, JDE, SAP VIM)

team lead (turbo machinery, machinery division)

  •  Perform vibration analysis for all type of machinery and fully conversant with use of vibration monitoring devices ”EMERSON CSI 2130” , ”CSI 2140” & ”CSI 2600”. Experience in using ”AMS Suit 5.6” to analyze vibration data using spectrum, time base waveform, orbit, shaft center line, cascade,
  •  Conduct field performance tests and operational survey as needed in the course of resolving operational or efficiency problems and providing solution keeping in mind the criticality of machines 
  •  Maintain & develop customer Services in according with agreed business plans services & marketing of condition monitoring activities. 
  •  Electrical motor health assesment with the help of Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA).
  • To carry out troubleshooting and failure investigations. Coordinate with area asset teams and as necessary performing corrective maintenance actions like dynamic field Balancing and laser alignment 
  •  To analyze critical machines  health utilizing spectrums, orbit plot, shaft centerline, time base waveform, cascade, waterfall, polar and bode plots Utilizing Bently Nevada System 1 and Emerson CSI-2600
  •   Fault diagnosing, Acceptance Testing, RCFA & FEA of different machines. 

team lead

  • Reduced the GSM based Logger cost viable for small Scale Solar plants  <10 KW 
  • Key features: Scalable Data frequency, Multi Brand Support, WDT and Brown Out Handling, designed in a way to work in minimal signal Strength, Http Get  & Post supported 
  • Successfully handled 3 migration:L2 scope for NIS (Nutrena Information System) ERP process, which includes handling Inter-company invoices & 1099 reporting (knowledge download from CBS CR)
  • JDE Invoice processing from EXL business services India

team lead

  • Diagnosed and trouble-shooted UNIX and Windows processing problems and applied solutions to increase company efficiency.
  • Designed and implemented new server standards for core business services.
  • SAP VIM invoice processing along with GL to GL recon monthly basis & yearly spend analysis (from US & CA)
  • Control implementation in NIS (ERP used for CAN PO business) and other process efficiency enhancements

team lead

  • Leading a substantial team to operational excellence.
  • Proactively planning adequate staffing according to business levels.
  • Ensuring a well stocked, functioning work area.
  • Vigorous cleaning and building maintenance.