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laboratory manager

  • cadaver handling and dissection during practicals. 
  • Conduct chemical analysis of body fluids, including blood, urine to determine the presence of normal or abnormal components.
  • Waste chemicals management and supervised researchers.
  • Secondary Role – Fire Warden and First Aider.

laboratory manager

  • Maintain standard and ensures employee performing standard operating procedure.
  • Send reports and evaluate weekly production 
  • Secondary Role – Safety committee member.
  • Secondary Role – QA/QC Taskforce – Implementation of 5S.

senior laboratory manager

  • Managed the laboratory quality management on technical, quality control, quality assurance and administrative.
  • Spearheaded the new laboratory enhancement and improvement to follow market trends, new industry protocols and standards.
  • Embarked on bi-monthly laboratory process review and monthly improvement training and technology transfer.
  • Monitored and review laboratory equipment and facilities on a quarterly basis and proposed improvements and recommendations.
  • Lead cross departmental internal quality audits in close coordination with the Internal Quality Assurance team. 
  • Advised clients on quality assurance and quality control mechanisms based on the quality findings and implement new programs for compliance.
  • Implemented and maintained the laboratory upkeep as per the Laboratory Quality Management System.

laboratory manager/senior research assistant

  • Manage lab relocation and establish and maintain malarial cell culture stocks 
  • Pass Home Office’s rodent training (L/E1, PIL A, B, and C), now licensed to perform rodent work in the UK
  • Train and supervise lab members to perform specific activities to ensure adherence to proper safety procedures and quality standards, correcting any errors
  • Coordinate and perform activities associated with shipping and receiving, purchasing and storage, maintenance and repair, waste disposal, IT capabilities, and containment level 3 lab.
  • Prepare and maintain databases, including meeting schedule and minutes, order record and inventory, biosafety documents, shipping documents, protocols, and lab job roster
  • Use spectrophotometer, gel electrophoresis, and qRT-PCR 

laboratory manager (hearing aid technician)

  • Do soft & hard molds. By first getting the size of the ear by taking impression using impression materials, cutting the impression defends on the  audiogram results .
  • Do shells and assemble Concha, ITC, ITE and CIC using different colors of acrylic materials (like beige, blue, red and  transparent depends on the request of the patients) and using light curing machine for instant dry.
  • Analyzed Hearing Instrument,   Old and New Hearing Aids  using        Hearing Aid analyzer .
  • Repair minor Audiometer defects (such as Interacoustics, Amplivox. Maico products) 
  •  Repair All kinds of hearing Instrument ( BTE’s, ITE’s, Body Aid and Bone conduction hearing Instrument).
  • Repair Hearing Aids by using soldering Machine,Microscope, etc.
  • Change /Replaced Defective parts (minor and major parts like Microphone,Receiver, Amplifier, Volume Control, Battery door, Housing , Litzwires, etc.)