Avoid These 3 Resume Mistakes at All Costs

Avoid These 3 Resume Mistakes at All Costs

Your resume is your first impression for a prospective employer. The way you present yourself in that little document can make or break you – it can clinch you an interview, or get you put in the slush pile.

Hiring managers only have a short amount of time to scan your application materials. A resume that’s clean, polished, and shows obvious skill is a shoe-in.

That said, there are some mistakes that can make your application an immediate “no,” no matter what great credentials you may have.

Don’t Make These 3 Amateur Mistakes on Your Resume

Avoid these resume mistakes, otherwise, you’ll end up coming off as sloppy, negligent, out of touch, or worse – not a good fit for the job.

1. Using Outdated Methods

If you use outdated resume templates instead of a modern resume creator, you risk looking outdated and out of touch yourself.

What are outdated methods when it comes to your resume? For one, don’t leave out your email address in your contact information. Including your LinkedIn profile URL is also a good idea, if your profile is up-to-date.

What you can leave out: Stating an “objective” at the top of a resume is not necessary these days, and that space is better spent explaining why you are a good candidate. “References available upon request” is also not necessary.

Of course, don’t type out your resume on a typewriter, and don’t rely on snail mail. Sending a paper resume might be a good follow-up to responding via email or the company’s preferred web interface, but don’t use it as your only method of contact.

2. Making Grammar and Spelling Errors

If your resume example is riddled with spelling or grammar errors, you’ll just end up looking sloppy and unprofessional. You need to go over your application documents with a fine-tooth comb to make sure your words are error-free. You don’t want your prospective employer to think you’re lazy or incompetent, but they will if you make this major error.

3. Being Flippant or Making Jokes

In your cover letter and supporting documents, you can’t make jokes or be flippant and expect to be taken seriously. Applying for a professional position is serious business. When an employer hires you, they’re making an investment. Save the jokes for friendly co-worker camaraderie when you’re well-established – and not before.

Avoid Silly Mistakes and Make Your Bid for the Job Unbeatable

When you’re sending in your application packet, you can’t afford to make silly mistakes. Don’t make inappropriate jokes in your documents, stay up on current technology and resume formatting, and don’t fall prey to grammar and spelling errors.

A few quick tips to help you create a winning resume:

  • Use formal, professional language. Keep it polite, not overly friendly.
  • Have a friend or family member read over your application materials and double-check for grammar and spelling. A fresh set of eyes can catch what you or your spell-checker might have missed.
  • Research resume templates online and stay current on what you need to include. Consider using a resume builder to do the work for you – that way you’ll know you’re getting it right.

Use common sense and smarts when building your application. Care and attention are just as important as the skills that make you perfect for the job.