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lab supervisor

  • Supervised analytical, instrumental analysis, and pharmacology labs
  • I was in charge of pre-lab preparations for the needed materials and chemicals for analytical chemistry lab
  • Dealt with animals for pharmacology lab
  • Good knowledge of instruments used for instrumental analysis lab as spectrophotometer, polarimetry, potentiometer …etc.

lab supervisor/medical assistant

  • Perform venipunture
  • Schedule patients and checkout patients
  • Supervise new employees 
  • Prepare specimens for transport
  • Prepare staff schedules 
  • Organize monthly staff meetings
  • Check patients vital signs

lab supervisor

  • To ensure effective Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in chemical lab and Near Infa Red (NIR) Lab, do internal audit monthly
  • To take responsibility to manage chemical lab and NIR lab to provide reliable analysis result on time
  • To write documents (SOP, IOP) for new procedures or new equipment, and deploy them work effective, To train and develop chemical analyst, manage the technician training and development needs 
  • To select, organize and follow up analysis performed by subcontracted lab
  • Monitor the accuracy of NIR prediction, validate and calibrate in time