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activity coordinator

  • Develop weekly programs and monthly Activities with input and direction from OT & PT
  • Collate and publish Bethanie fields residents Newsletter quarterly.
  • Delegate tasks Within Therapy team to Coordinate and implement meaningful activities for residents on a daily basis.
  • Meet and greet New Residents and assist  with their transition into residential Aged Care Environment. 
  •  Support Clients to attend appointments when Family members or friends are unable by organizing appropriate volunteers to assist.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with external providers and organizations in the community to meet residents wider interests and cultural backgrounds and needs.
  • Collecting and collating information on resident specific interests to create and promote client centered interventions. 

activity coordinator

  • Maintain and monitor Therapy Staff rosters to cover all shifts and mange leave cover as required.
  • Communicate and inform staff of scheduled mandatory  training requirement.
  • Prepare agenda for Monthly Activity Planning Meeting. Chair the meeting and collate meeting minutes and distribute to meeting participants and Facility Manager.
  • Develop partnerships with schools to host students for work placement experience and process all relevant paperwork. Provide informative programs and mentor ship for students while on placement.

activity coordinator,pro

  • Plan and schedule programming and event coverage, based on , time availability, and other factors, such as community needs, ratings data, and viewer demographics.
  • Coordinate activities between departments, such as Cultural and Co scholastic.
  • Direct and coordinate activities 
  • Check completed program logs for accuracy and conformance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations and resolve program log inaccuracies.
  • Operate and maintain  equipment.
  • Prepare copy and edit tape so that material is ready .
  • Confer with directors and staff to discuss issues such as execution and casting problems, budgets, policies.

activity coordinator

  • Educate clients on topics such as Life skills (bed making, independent feeding etc), stretching, exercise, nutrition, Basic First Aid, Safety Skills, range of motion exercises.
  • Apply cold compress, warm compresses  to clients, as needed per nurse’s advise
  • Maintain and execute accurate Habilitation and Service 
  • Use Personal Protection Equipment like gloves and masks to protect themselves and the clients and prevent spread bacteria and viruses.

activity coordinator

  • Helping seniors participate in activities
  • Helping managers getting ready for activities 
  • Making snacks for the seniors 
  • Organize  and schedule all required Bus services and maintenance