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debt collector

  • call debtors and set up payment plans for them.
  • pacifying angry  customers.
  • updating the system with the latest information on a customer.
  • Listen to customer requests
  • Provide assistance for customers with special billing requests. to answer questions and provide telephone information.

debt collector

  • Collect debt on credit cards (Visa ,MasterCard, Capital One , American Express ) and Home and Auto loans .
  • Skip trace and locate customers to attempt to collect a debt . 
  • Take payments with customers and assist with fund verification with different banks . 
  • Assist with fund transfers from 401k.
  • De-escalate irate customers .
  • Take supervisor calls from other agents . 
  • Provide second talk off for other agents who needed assistance when closing a deal . 

debt collector/loan officer

  • Transmit and receive messages, using telephones a Microsoft
  • Arrange for debt repayment or establish repayment schedules, based on customers’ financial situations. access database
  • Loan Assessment
  • Junior IT
  • Minimal Graphic Design work

debt collector

  • Assisted with cancellations and resale options if they were available
  • Helped resolve any issues and resolve members account to make the member satisfied
  • Set up tasks on a daily basis for further review
  • Receive 50+ calls on a daily basis and made outgoing calls for follow up 

debt collector

  • Make outbound contact to debtors regarding delinquent accounts and negotiate settlement options.
  • Take inbound telephone calls from debtors regarding delinquent accounts and negotiate settlement options.
  • Prepare correspondence on delinquent accounts.
  • Research disputed delinquent account balances and make necessary corrections.
  • Review accounts to be recommended for closure and assist in report preparation.