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accounting consultant

  • Pre-audit documents (Purchase Orders, Disbursement Vouchers, etc.) for claims of payment of infrastructure projects, motor vehicles and equipment, medical equipment and supplies, feeding programs, and others
  • Pre-audit documents for the cash advance, liquidation, and reimbursement of traveling expenses
  • Prepare detailed reports on audit findings
  • Oversees the accuracy of functions and further advancement on performance of the Pre-Audit Division (accomplishment: pointed out /communicated important details-e.g. PRs must bear date of creation and proper particulars;POs must always be correctly dated and filled-up; no erasures as much as possible on the documents to avoid tampering; “not expired” permits and licenses must be secured and reg dates must include the transaction date; canvass sheets must be reconciled w/ PR,PO – to be observed by the different departments/clients in preparing their documents for audit) 
  • Aides on development of standardized processing of transactions through continual improvements on local government auditing (accomplishment:  before kay incomplete req ang ginarequire kay walay standard set list of doc req but after nakasulod sa work kay naassign to help in the making of the “Updated  List of Documentary Requirements of All Claims of Payment and Liquidation” by intensive research and cross-checking with COA Circulars on Documentary Requirements the then-lacking doc requirements of the city) 
  • Prepare inter-agency and client communication letters
  • Provide assistance with problems customers may encounter. 

accounting consultant

  • Sales Analysis/Reporting
  • Multi Entity Payables/Receivables
  • Tracking of expenses
  • Vendor relations/compliance issues