Compensation Specialist Resume Examples

compensation specialist

  • Led the creation process of the compensation and benefits policies and procedures framed in the transition from a local family owned company to a multinational corporation.
  • Participated in the salary structure design and the initial job leveling exercise for a total headcount of 3,300 employees. Additionally, a set of compensation tools were created and delivered to the business leaders to help them manage effectively the compensation of their talent pools. 
  • Prepared and implemented a proposal to improve the total compensation factor by aligning the additional payments with the market trends increasing the company‚Äôs competitiveness in the local market. 
  • Led the job valuation and categorization project for all the Network and Infrastructure employees using the Hay methodology. Project deliverables included job profiles and categories for grouping, that contributed to design career progression plans and development programs for one of the most technical areas of the company.