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shipping and receiving clerk

  •  keeps records on incoming and outgoing shipments and prepares items for shipment.
  •  creating shipping documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, and pulling inventory from proper shelves.
  • operated lift trucks or hand trucks to convey, move materials to proper departments or areas.
  •  package items, print labels, weigh packages and determine appropriate postage.

shipping and receiving clerk/ repacking/standup pallet jack operator

  • Repacking of produce using the system Famous 6.0 made sure the produce was the correct temperature and within the standards of the customers regulations printing the correct tags for specific produce sorting and organizing produce and taking inventory of produce in the warehouse 
  • Inventory management using the produce system Harvest Mark printing the correct labels for the specific produce
  •  Shipping and Receiving printing out the BOL and handling the FOB making sure everything was correct and up to date with the broker and truck driver along with his license and trailer plate and truck plate making sure we sent the load correct and without a problem with the loading made sure the customer was aware of any added product and missing product in the trailer made a copy of the BOL for the company and myself for reference
  • Weekly inventory check
  • Stand-up Pallet Jack Operator

shipping and receiving clerk

  • Receives parts and accessories for stock and special orders. 
  • Process special orders and notify customers when order is complete.
  •  Process special orders for repair orders, receives and bin-locate parts and notifies the service department when order is complete. 
  • Assists Parts manager processing returns to vendors.
  • Ships parts and accessories using UPS and USPS.
  • Puts parts away in correct bins after receiving.
  • Helps with merchandising on showroom floor. 

shipping and receiving clerk

  • Check and receive incoming parts and material.
  • Inventory parts and materials.
  • Prepare materials to be shipped.
  • Order and monitor all products.

shipping and receiving clerk

  • Store items in an orderly and accessible manner in the warehouses.
  • Sign incoming trailers with produce let the driver know where to park and if the orders were ready to be shipped
  • Fill in the BOL with the software would write down driver information along with his truck plates and licence would make a copy of the BOL for myself for reference 
  • Takes periodic bin counts. Notify parts manager for any discrepancies.