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admissions counselor/student assistant

  • Memorizing and informing prospective students about the admission process of the school.
  • Assisting students with their admissions and enrollment process.
  • Operating databases and sorting through student data to assist students.
  • Mailing and receiving documents between schools, departments, etc.
  • Sorting and managing store rooms filled with office supplies, boxes, flyers, and promotional school items.
  • Understanding prospective students in order to better assist them with their needs, questions and concerns.
  • Contacting prospective students via phone/email

admissions counselor

  • Assist Doctoral students in the admission process. 
  • Correspond, groom and advise Doctoral students on their statement of purposes to enter the program. 
  • Giving campus tours to prospective and current students, explaining all facilities located on the campus.
  • Resolving minor issues with students’ accounts, and notifying supervisor of major issues.

admissions counselor

  • Consult with prospective students and families to answer questions 
  • Document all admissions procedures and update student files 
  • Assist with faculty and staff in implementation of recruiting initiatives 
  • Collaborate with team members to increase inquiry pool
  • Build relationships with community members to build rapport

admissions counselor

  • Conduct travel as necessary; arrange visits to various events for recruitment purposes
  • Social media management of Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Provide students with information on such topics as college degree programs and admission requirements, financial aid opportunities.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with other agencies and organizations in community to meet university needs and to ensure that services are productive.

sr. admissions counselor

  • Interface with the  Customers( Students, Working Professional , Business Owners, Company H.R’s) via Calls, Face to Face , Social Media, Webinar sessions for the purpose of converting Individual or Organization into confirmed Applications.
  • Maintain a constant communication channel with Applicants through Calls, Mails, Social Media, Webinar and Chats during the pre and post counseling processes for applied and interested programs.
  • Maintain a detailed database of all the interactions with the Applicants and provide a constant feedback to the Student Experience Manager in order to optimize lead closure.
  • To develop and maintain a positive working relationship with the students and extending this relationship with their organizations and social groups to further generate more leads. 
  • ‘Plan’ and ‘Supervise’ program related activities(Webinar, F-2-F interactions), and provide a detailed & consolidated data for Marketing team to review and plan future activities.