Looking for employment can be a time consuming, frustrating task, many times harder than the job we will be eventually doing. In an era when not only a perfect resume is required, but also an astonishing cover letter, updated social media and networking profiles etc, being a one man army is no longer an option. Because we know how hard this is, at resumebuild.com we have prepared a series of resources with the aim to guide you and ease you through this cumbersome process, and help you creating a perfect resume to finally stand from the crowd and land your dream job.

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How to write show stopping resume bullet points

How to Write Showstopping Resume Bullet Points

When you’re writing a resume, you have two pages tops to prove to a hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job. Before you become overwhelmed, read the ...
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Resume tips for the career changer

Resume Tips for the Career Changer

You were a police officer your entire life, until you retired young and found yourself looking for a new career. Or, perhaps you took a few years off to raise ...
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Resume buzzwords

Resume Buzzwords: What Are They, and Are They Right for Me?

When you’re writing your resume, it can be tempting to follow resume templates or plug in commonly used blanket phrases about your job duties. In most cases, this isn’t a ...
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6 tips to avoid the resume slush pile

6 Tips to Avoid the Resume Slush Pile

These days, many large companies have so many applicants for new or vacant positions, they have to automate their systems just to deal with the influx. They use something called ...
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How to write an artist resume that complements your portfolio

How to Create an Artist Resume That Complements Your Portfolio

As an artist, you have a unique challenge when it comes to resumes. For one, your experiences have to do with your creative output and skills, not necessarily traditional factors ...
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6 smart reasons to use a resume builder

6 Smart Reasons to Use a Resume Builder

The job search process is tough. Along with scouring job listings, you’re probably also preparing for interviews, filling out applications, writing cover letters, and tweaking your resume. Each individual position ...
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Cross off this resume checklist to send a better document

Cross Off This Resume Checklist to Send a Better Document

Sending your resume to employers can be nerve-wracking. You hope against hope that they’ll notice you and like what they see, especially if the job is one you really want ...
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6 easy steps to blow the dust off your resume

6 Easy Steps to Blow the Dust Off Your Resume

If you’re on the lookout for a new position, or just have the idea in the back of your mind, it’s a good plan to update your resume. In fact, ...
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Your very first resume: how to get it right

Your Very First Resume: How to Get It Right

Creating your very first resume can be a confusing endeavor. What do you include? What do you leave out? How do you pad it out and make it look impressive ...
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