Looking for employment can be a time consuming, frustrating task, many times harder than the job we will be eventually doing. In an era when not only a perfect resume is required, but also an astonishing cover letter, updated social media and networking profiles etc, being a one man army is no longer an option. Because we know how hard this is, at resumebuild.com we have prepared a series of resources with the aim to guide you and ease you through this cumbersome process, and help you creating a perfect resume to finally stand from the crowd and land your dream job.

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Improve your resume with strong facts

Improve Your Resume with Strong Facts

Creating a good resume is an art and a science. It is a code many people have looked to crack for a long time. The best practices for resume creation ...
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The benefits of using a resume template

The Benefits of Using a Resume Template

If you’re creating a resume, you probably have a lot of ideas about the information you’d like to display. Even if you have great educational and field credentials, listing them ...
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How can your resume support your cover letter

How Can Your Resume Support Your Cover Letter?

If your resume is your first impression, your cover letter is your opening pitch. Together these two professional documents present you, as a package, to a company. As such, they ...
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How to use a resume builder and make it yours

How to Use a Resume Builder and Make It Yours

A resume builder may be the perfect tool for you. You might want to use one if: You aren’t computer-savvy. You aren’t familiar with formatting documents in a word processor ...
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3 tips for adding personal flair to your resume

3 Tips for Adding Personal Flair to Your Resume

For a hiring manager, the hordes of resumes can all start to blend together. It can be difficult to weed out good candidates when they all seem the same. Make ...
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Choosing the right resume format

How to Choose the Right Resume Format for You

Your resume is your first impression. It speaks for you to prospective employers. It’s a handshake, a pitch, an application, and a biography all rolled into one document. Because it’s ...
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The best way to prepare for writing your resume

The Best Way to Prepare for Writing Your Resume

Maybe you received some resume-writing instruction at some point in your education. Perhaps you took a class. This is great, but think back. Despite any previous instruction, what do you ...
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How to write an impressive resume objective

How to Write an Impressive Resume Objective

You wouldn’t buy a product online without first reading the product description. You want to know what you’re getting, and if it’s any good. Similarly, when you write a resume, ...
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What to include on a resume if you have no work experience

What to Include on a Resume if You Have No Work Experience

It can be difficult to find a first job when you’re right out of high school or college. Most jobs require experience, and to get experience, you have to first ...
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