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youth counselor/ front desk, trainer

  •  Developing an age appropriate day-to-day curriculum for camp.
  • Effectively supervising kids ages 5-15.
  • Create appropriate fundraisers for the campers.
  • Create community events for the campers.
  • Being responsible for payment accounting for each camper during camp.
  • Maintain weekly reports.
  • Worked with kids to help develop & unlock their talents &abilities that all kids are capable of doing. 

youth counselor

  • Provide direct service and support to a Youth group, such as handling a referral for child advocacy issues, conducting a needs evaluation, or resolving problems and complaints.
  • Counseled adolescents individually or through group sessions
  • organized activities
  • filed paperwork

youth counselor

  • Used cognitive behavior therapy to assist youth in redirecting poorhabits.
  • Interacted with troubled youth and offered resources andprograms to surmount challenges.
  • Monitored youth behavior and offered guidance and support forpositive change.
  • Liaised with parents and caregivers to provide updates onprogress and behavior.
  • Encouraged children to talk issues out with each other and withoutanger, which eased tense situations.
  • Engaged and interacted with youth members, teachingsustainable habits and coping mechanisms.
  • Supervised individuals in small group atmosphere to cultivatesafety, independence and structure.

youth counselor

  • Served as a key representative on Youth Council Government to direction of future plans for camp programs and services
  • Responsible for reviewing the Camp’s Campus Master Plan and normal event planning consisting of all short and long-term camp objectives
  • Planned and executed a leader ship retreat for all campers assigned, resulting in heightened group morale.
  • Youth works is a seasonal employment for the youth during the months of June through August. I was employed with youth works every summer from the year 2010 until 2014.

youth counselor

  • Supervise youth to maintain their safety, security, and well-being at all times 
  • Provide intervention and support for youth in crisis 
  • Model appropriate behavior and safe communication with peers and staff 
  • Facilitate a weekly skills training group to encourage positive self-development and empowerment 
  • Document behavioral interventions and case notes on Efforts to Outcomes software