Technical Trainer Resume Examples

technical trainer

  • Prepare and conduct technical training programs.
  • Assess training needs and certification requirements.
  • Deploy training to targeted personnel.
  • Prepare training material and classroom agenda.
  • Provide end user training for client.
  • Conduct presentations and webinars.
  • Create instructor materials (course outlines, background material, instructional materials, and training aids).

technical trainer

  • Planning and organising training modules for VGTAP program
  • Proficiently use the engine testing and diagnosis tools
  • Assist in design of computer-based and multimedia curriculum.
  • Continuously enhance technical instructional delivery and presentation skills. 

technical trainer/ service advisor

  • handling the Zero kms customer complaints.
  • to support the field staff for handing warranty customer complaint/ joint investigations.
  • for vehicle in service workshop after agreement by CRE transfer exiting data from the DMS to the pre-order . 
  •  Handing maintaining and timely oral workshop and technical reports

technical trainer/team lead

  • Principal/Supervisory ExamSeries 24 – General Securities Principal Examination
  • Account Employee of the year for 2016.
  • Account Trainer of the year 2015
  • Webmail & Website Management.

sr. technical trainer

  • Maintaining Labs
  • Maintaining entire office network
  • To give desktop support to faculties
  • Provide technical support and services for building and civil construction students working in fields such as building superstructure walls including installing door and window frames.Aswell as floor finishes ( floor tiles) and screed.

technical trainer

  • Inspect, test, and adjust completed units of transformers to ensure that units meet specifications, tolerances, and customer order requirements.
  • Micro Testing for resistance
  • Machine Testing
  • Core Value Checking
  • Transformer winding turns checking.

technical trainer

  •  As a technical trainer we visit various Industries and analyse the work flow from raw material to final product. 
  • We note current process and  analyse it thoroughly with our Internal team  and suggest improvements. 
  • Work closely with Technology and HR to continually develop and improve the overall Technology Learning and Development offering.
  •  Evaluate and validate network and system designs and provide feedback, best practices to program manager for improvement. Post testing, this is displayed to Individuals.  ACHIEVEMENTS  
  •  Implement company processes across systems 
  •  Review and monitor systems data to ensure proper procedures are being followed 
  •  Train the staff on all processes/systems 

senior technical trainer

  • End to End scheduling of external training for level 3 and above training, along with Vendor Empanelment and Management and also performed Trainer Evaluation(External Trainers).
  • Trained and mentored a batch of 20 new personnel hired to fulfill various roles.
  • Developed curricula, instructions, documentation and assessment tests for Graduate Engineering Trainees training courses.
  • Developed lesson plans, instructional materials and practice tests for Level 1 and level2 training courses.
  • Delivered training for newly hired trainees on Virtualization, Storage Foundation, Server Foundation training, Operating System troubleshooting, Computer networking training.
  • Assist Fresher on handling calls, provide On Job Training(OJT) for New Hire to help them transition.
  • Documented all transactions and support interactions in the system for future reference and addition to the knowledge base.

technical trainer (java and android)

  • Designed and developed an official app for project operation, surveillance and management.
  • Plan or supervise environmental studies to achieve compliance with environmental regulations in construction.
  • Help /suggest  design systems based on experience 
  • Answer questions/resolve system issues for employee 

technical trainer

  • Broke technical concepts down into easily understood terms.
  • Conducted integrated courses and training modules focused on key areas.
  • Collaborated with leadership to determine [Area] training needs.
  • Developed new and improved courses to meet changing demands.
  • Maintained current understanding of technical processes and lagging skills.
  • Ensured long-term staff excellence by implementing updated and continuous training initiatives such as online modules, interactive programs and language labs. 
  • Trained and mentored [Number] new personnel hired to fulfill various roles.