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junior software consultant

  • Developing the applications based on requirements.
  • Testing the modules for the required functionalities and bugs.
  • Coordinating with other team members development team as well as testing.
  • Interacting with the client on regular basis.

senior software consultant

  • Strong domain knowledge in Process, Power and Power domain suite of products like SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant markup and SmartPlant Drawings.
  • In-depth knowledge on different workflows of SmartPlant Foundation
  • More than 10+ years of work experience in SmartPlant Foundation Core product. 
  • Trained several new members joined into team in SmartPlant Foundation product.

software consultant

  • Working on multiple cross-platform projects in Flutter and Xamarin.
  • Developed a UI module in Xamarin to dynamically generate different views based on API response.
  • Providing continued maintenance and development of bug fixes and patch sets for existing flutter application.
  • Software consultant: Helping company to choose one more appropriate management software (ERP,CRM, HR,OA,MES)  according to professional experience about the same industry and their own particular requirements. 

software consultant

  • Post implementation checkout to ensure the implemented changes went fine and validate results after new changes are introduced
  • CodeSquad :- Code Squad aims to provide you with an qualitative analysis and insight of the projects running in your company by highlighting the missing or the problematic parameters, All project modules files (xml) get generated and then sends to the application which gets stored in S3 and then push to the Kafka topic from where by consumer we pull the data and all the parsers are executed parallel and parsed result stored in the Cassandra.In this project we created the parsers that helps us for parsing the XML formatted files of code statsTechnology Stack – Scala , Akka , Akka-Http, Kafka , Amazon S3 , Cassandra
  • PayU: Marketplace: – PayU is the Payment gateway provider. it enables merchants to collect payments online. Pay’s Aggregator solution is designed to simplify the payment process for online e-commerce marketplace, compulsive business. In this solution they proposed the idea of transfer the money to the merchant account directly instead of transferring the amount to the marketplace account and then to the merchant accountTechnology Stack – Java, AmazonDynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS step function
  • Koala- Interactive | Spok : – Spok is a social content sharing application, where one person can make another person as a friend by follow each other and share his or her profile with them. A “spok” is a content(picture, animated gif, video, sound, URL, raw text, html text, poll, riddle and more to come)that is published(“spoked”) by user

software consultant

  • Participate in requirements clarification and sprint planning sessions
  • Writing unit and integration tests
  • Handle Devops Process 
  • Coach/mentor new joiners
  • Define best practices