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sheet metal mechanic

  • Check for corrosion, distortion, and invisible cracks in the fuselage, wings, and tail.
  • Examine and inspect aircraft components
  • Maintain, repair, and rebuild aircraft structures, functional components, and parts such as wings and fuselage.
  • Fabricate defective sections or parts, using metal fabricating machines, saws, brakes, shears, and grinders.
  • Remove or cut out defective parts or drill holes to gain access to internal defects or damage, using drills and punches.
  • Communicate with other workers to coordinate fitting and alignment of heavy parts, or to facilitate processing of repair parts.
  • Trim and shape replacement body sections to specified sizes and fits and secure sections in place, using adhesives, hand tools, and power tools.

sheet metal mechanic/aircraft mechanic

  • Repair, replace, and rebuild aircraft structures, such as wings and fuselage.
  • Read and interpret manufacturers’ maintenance manuals and other specifications to determine feasibility and method of repair or replacement of components.
  • Utilize hand tools, power tools, machines ,shears, inspection tools, sheet metal brake, welding machines, rivet gun, drills, and alignment jigs.
  • Participate in FOD prevention.

sheet metal mechanic

  • Conduct routine inspections as required by regulations.
  • Read and interpret maintenance manuals and technical orders to determine the most efficient method of repair.
  • Trim and shape custom replacement panel sections to specified sizes using adhesives, hand tools, and power tools.
  • Clean, strip, prime, and apply sealant to structural surfaces to prepare them for installation.
  • Install fabricated panels using recommended fasteners while following specific guidelines.

sheet metal mechanic

  • UH-60 Blackhawk Recapitalization Program.
  • Performed depot level maintenance.
  • Performed structural modifications, removal, and installation of components, to include fabrication of parts.
  • Developed and designed structural repairs, upgrade requirements,  and standard operating procedures.
  • Utilized hand tools, power tools, jigs, stretchers, rollers, drill press, brakes, band saws, die grinders, rivet guns, and many types of fasteners. 

sheet metal mechanic/ fleet manager

  • Utilize and interpret blueprints and shop drawings to determine how and where to fabricate, assemble and install sheet metal products
  • Measure, mark dimensions and layout material to be installed using tools such as scribes, rulers, calculators and squares
  • Fasten joints and seams in sheet metal with solder, welds, caulk, bolts and metal driver clips, ensuring work is done carefully and bonds will last
  • Install assemblies, including pipes, HVAC ducts, flashings, furnace casings in supportive frameworks
  • Ensure that efficiency is maximized while fabricating HVAC systems
  • Use hand and power tools to trim, buff, smooth, file and grind metal surfaces and joints of parts that have been assembled to ensure safety and a seamless appearance
  • Select the appropriate type and gauge of sheet metal to be used in projects according to specifications