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  • Fulfilled orders in a timely manner to accomplish challenging daily objectives.
  • Selected items from bins, scanned tags with tracker and loaded onto cart.
  • Operated tracking systems to views open orders and review directions to storage location.
  • Inspected poduct load for accuracy and safely transported it around the warehouse.
  • Forecasted manpower requirements based on daily workload and company targets.


  • Receive orders through headset, pick products to complete orders, to be delivered to pack lines to be packaged and shipped to customers.
  • Package orders in company boxes, weigh, complete with packing slip and shipping label
  • Drive cherry picker machinery
  • Count murchandise to the clients needs, make sure murchandise is properly sercure and pack it up, send it to shipping department.


  • stone fruit picking
  • packaging produce to be exported
  • analyzing, inspecting and sorting all produce going through conveyor belt
  • cleaning of conveyor belt

picker, packer, put away

  • As a picker you are required to meet a certain pick ratio per hour to meet company overall goal for the day. 
  • scan the order ticket and find the different item along aisles of the warehouse to fill the order.
  • once the order is filled, place the tote filled with the order on a conveyer belt to be sent to the packing department.
  • As a packer you are required to pull orders orders off of a conveyer belt and wrap  them or pack them according to the how fragile it is.
  • After the order is packed , put a shipping label on it and send it down another conveyer to be shipped
  • In the put away department, it required you to receive items in a tote to be stocked thru out the warehouse.
  • scan the items and find the location to put them away to.


  • pick different kind of itema
  • Study WH/S and chemicals to clean 
  • Sort through crates of food 
  • general clean up