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physical education teacher

  • Ensure that every student in each class is allotted equal amount of opportunity for each activity.
  • Review fitness levels for each grade through our Physical Fitness Standardized Testing twice a year. 
  • Responsibility of all P.E. equipment and inventory.
  • Encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle through the education of sport, exercise, and nutrition.

physical education teacher

  • Assessed student physical fitness levels and adjusted objectives according to successes.
  • Taught physical education classes covering exercise strategies, sports, and safety.
  • Conveyed health and well-being concepts beyond physical fitness.
  • Complied with state and federal standards for physical fitness benchmarks and exercise programs.
  • Set up lesson materials, bulletin boards displays and demonstrations.
  • Took part in processional organizations and continuing education courses.
  • Established and posted contact and language goals for each unit.

physical education teacher (work placement)

  • taught physical education classes covering exercise strategies, sports and safety
  • stuck to strict time management so that each class had enough time to fit all the drills in
  • used technology and programs such as microsoft word and excel to create tables and rosters
  • maintained and organised physical equipment 

physical education teacher

  • Led and organize a fundraiser for material for physical education class.
  • Handle prepare and implement remedial program for students requiring extra help.
  • Arrange campaign at natural places increasing health with activities like yoga and meditation for children.
  • Essay the escort with competition purpose.
  • Prepare subject material for presentation to students according to an approved curriculum.
  • Assign and correct homework.
  • Prepare, administer and correct test.

physical education teacher/basketball & football coach

  • Taught physical education for Piedmont Intermediate, 5th-6th grade.
  • Managed a class of 45-60 students for a 50 minute class time.
  • Taught them workout skills as well as improved their motor skills through targeted games. 
  • Coached JV basketball & was the Assistant Head Coach for Varsity for Piedmont High School. 
  • Coached JV football & was the Assistant Head Coach for Varsity for Piedmont High School.