Marketing Resume Examples

marketing/ sales consultant

  • Meets with customers in a sales environment to drive product sales and knowledge.
  • Makes sales appointments with clients.
  • Discovers how to market and penetrates them to drive sales.
  • and much more!

marketing/insurance internship

  • My position at Insurance Placement Solutions, which is a small insurance company in Brisbane, exposed me to the role of Marketing and Insurance in the corporate field 
  • Interaction and viewing of clientele meetings allowing me to experience communication between the business and customer in a professional setting 
  • Allowed me to work on projects including website redesign, social media campaign and marketing recommendations such as a customer testimonial/recommendation section
  • Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics,

marketing, communication & events specialist

  • Managed all things marketing, communication and special events for 14 of the 32 dealerships across Ontario. 
  • Maintained all dealership websites via various custom content management system’s including but not limited to monthly sales, service and parts promotions, news, events, campaign landing pages and staff directories. 
  • Developed website landing pages, copy and meta tag descriptions for better search engine results to help maintain top organic search engine results for relevant keywords and phrases. 
  • Consulted with dealers, venders and key stakeholders regularly to develop and analyze advertising campaigns, contests and events. 
  • Maintained each dealership’s online reputation, by staying on top of all social media accounts, Google My Business (GMB) pages and other various business listing sites. 
  • Coached dealers and sales staff on the importance of online reputation management and then how and when to respond accordingly. 
  • Developed and executed plans and initiatives to increase website traffic and foot traffic into the dealerships. 


  • Compose images of products, using video and still cameras, lighting equipment, props, photo and video editing software.
  • Built, designed and executed all email marketing campaigns for sales, service and parts departments, as well as special events and other dealership or dealer group wide initiatives. 
  • Use sales forecasting or strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products or services, analyzing business developments and monitoring market trends.
  • Ability to work with various venders as well as negotiating and budgeting skills. 

marketing, intern

  • Monitored marketing trends
  • Clarified design and advertising 
  • Executed marketing campaigns
  • Developed interactive media
  • Designed branding campaigns
  • Managed public relations
  • Analyzed media planning & placement


  •  Informed and calls to all prospective clients and other substation in order to inform them of new products they may be interested in, deals and specific product details.
  • Evaluated the customers’ needs or suggestions and provided service options to meet their requirements.
  • Communicate with other employees and upper management to ensure complete care of customers. 
  • Fulfilled administrative duties, including: completing and filing paperwork, receiving calls from contacted customers and new customers, distributes order or new items to the customers or other branch stores . 

marketing, business development and artist manager

  • Conceptualized event pitches to clients like TATA Consultancy Services, Yash Raj Films & Studios, World Wide Media, Vitra Magazine, E-Clerks, Multi Screen Media – SONY SIX, Etc. 
  • Actively involved in social media campaigns for both in house company work as well as existing clients 
  • Designed and executed  annual marketing plan in line with the business plan of the companies 
  • Backstage management for leading Award shows in India. 


  • Arrange Disposal and Water for some of the functions in the city.
  • Manage the firm Accountancy.
  • Coordinate with people to get the contracts of Retailers, Wholesalers, Marriages, Functions, etc.
  • Also coordinate with some professionals, such as contractors( Bisleri, Sanpac, etc.), to ensure job success.
  • Some knowledge about computer line.


  • Coordinate the brands marketing and PR strategies working directly with partners to achieve campaign deadlines internally.
  • Consult with product development personnel on product specifications such as design, colour, or packaging.
  • Maintain an incredibly busy deadline calendar ensuring every member of the marketing team had access to the required resource and information when needed.
  • planning and implementing sales, marketing and product development programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new markets by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates.


  • writing reports, company brochures and similar documents
  • organising and hosting presentations and customer visits
  • assisting with promotional activities
  • visiting customers/external agencies
  • helping to organise market research.