Marketing Resume Examples


  • Study the objectives, promotional policies, or needs of organizations to develop public relations strategies that will influence public opinion or promote ideas, products, or services.
  • Arranged a list of customers to call and to promote products and services
  • Prepare and arranged employees to meet customers to perform product demonstrations.
  • Worked part time only


  • Marketed multiple Durable Medical products across the Gulf Coast.  Specializing in Women’s Services for Mastectomy and Post Cancer Care.
  • Created and Marketed “Grace’s Boutique” providing a “one-stop-shop” for Post Cancer Care
  • Certified Mastectomy fitter for Bras and Prosthetics
  • Certified Lymphadema Consultant and fitter
  • Licensed Master Cosmetologist for consultation and fitting of hair prostheteses  due to medically induced hair loss
  • Managed servicing 30 Medical Clinics across the Gulf Coast
  • Marketed at Trade Shows and Health Fairs

marketing/financial consultant

  • Matched clients with available sources of finance (factoring, loans, grants)
  • Developed  marketing and strategic programmes and general business solutions
  • Strengthening start-up sector – one start-up financing grant of EUR 10,000
  • Mentoring and advising new entrepreneurs 
  • Developed project for rural tourism development   

marketing, sales, support and training consultant

  • Provide customers with training & support, whilst maintaining excellent relationships
  • Demonstrate database technical functionality
  • Customer Advocate – introduce the customer to the rest of the services offered
  • Manage customer queries and new enquiries
  • Manage all communication with customers (keep a record of correspondence – emails and calls)
  • Keep prospect and new client progress files up to date
  • Generate and manage leads


  • Process sales – compile quotes & invoices for potential clients
  • Office Administration
  • Promote company services
  • Social Media and Email marketing

marketing/ bancassurance

  • Construct probability tables for events such as fires, natural disasters, and unemployment, based on analysis of statistical data and other pertinent information.
  • Determine policy contract provisions for each type of insurance.
  • Industry related research to keep up to date with the latest trends
  • Daily data entry and usage of CRM system


  • Keeping a record of daily activities/tasks
  • Keep Online Help Manuals up to date
  • Log customer complaints
  • Investigation and problem-solving


  • Prepare or edit organizational publications for internal and external audiences, including employee newsletters and stockholders’ reports.
  • Conduct research and interviews to determine which of a product’s selling features should be promoted.
  • Invent names for products and write the slogans that appear on packaging, brochures and other promotional material.
  • Read trade publications, attend seminars, and consult with other meeting professionals to keep abreast of meeting management standards and trends.

marketing/social media manager

  • Managing the advertisement budget
  • Managing and growing the social media pages of the business
  • Managing and pushing out daily content/updates
  • Working with the developers and graphic designers to create campaigns
  • Overlooking the advertisements ran on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Analyzing the statistics to see engagement, and drive in more follows/sales
  • Running sales (percent off or bogus) and marketing the product prices to gain more sales


  • Research and seek out potential businesses that could benefit from our services and visit them, hoping they will refer us to patients.
  • Engaging with followers to persuade them to buy products
  • Launching and marketing products 
  • Interacting with influencers to advertise the product to the fullest