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investment manager

  • Liaising with Landlords, Tenants, Contractors and my colleagues. 
  • Having all emails completed and out of my inbox daily. 
  • Rental Arrears management. 
  • Maintenance requests.
  • Entry Condition Reports. 
  • Exit Condition Reports. 
  • Entry Forms. 

investment manager/ day trader

  • Managed a portfolio of investments on a minute, hour and daily basis for a group of clients.
  • Developed and implemented investment policies or strategies.
  • Managed investment funds to maximize return on client investments.
  • Wrote weekly memos to clients explaining current market trends and account updates.
  • Acquired an active working knowledge of financial sector and financial instruments. 

senior investment manager

  •  Lead a number of mergers and acquisitions and financing projects in traditional Chinese medicine industry, including nursing home real estate development, the construction of traditional Chinese medicinal materials planting base, the operation of big data, the primary health service system, and so on.
  • Carry out detailed due diligence of the projects, write the project feasibility study report, and analyze the initial valuation data of a number of listed companies in the project related industries.
  • Organize the project team to carry out the specific implementation of the project and post-investment management and operation, including multi-channel financing for each project, contact banks, financial organizations and securities firms in the industry to carry out financing cost analysis and formulate the best financing plan.
  • Routine Inspections. 

investment manager

  • Researched and made investments in different fields such as real estate, oil and gas, restaurants.
  • Researched different tax , insurance, global trade, mineral and franchise laws in order to make profitable investments.
  • Vetted dozens of different investment opportunities and assessed risk based on certain criteria.
  • Created excel spreadsheets to assess the financial viability of investment opportunities.

investment manager

  • Assessed 100+ deals working with investment bankers, incubators and other entrepreneurial communities 
  • Identified strategic areas of investment for the fund through extensive research and expert engagement 
  • Lease Renewals. 
  • Business Development.