Human Resources Resume Examples

human resources /admin assistant

  • Study consumers’ reactions to new products and package designs, and to advertising efforts, using surveys and tests.
  • Conduct individual assessments, including interpreting measures and providing feedback for selection, placement, and promotion.
  • Assess employee performance.Provide guidance to internal clients on Benefits and Entitlements, Staff Rules and Regulations and promotes a client-oriented approach. 
  • Participate in mediation and dispute resolution.
  • Build sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication with key enablers of the query and compliant resolution process 
  • To always comply with company policies and procedures, together with the Uganda employment Act 2006 of the country 
  • Updating staff lists with job-codes and cost centres 

human resources

  • Schedule and confirm appointments for supervisors.
  • Presenting various HR data in various forms, i.e. charts, graphs, tabular, report etc 
  • Maintaining personnel databases for all staff 
  • Arrange briefing and orientation of the new recruits 

human resources

  • Managing and maintaining records and information flow 
  • Offering all secretarial and administrative services to the section 
  •  Maintaining staff job descriptions with help of departmental managers 
  • Study organizational effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency, including the nature of workplace supervision and leadership.  

human resources

  • Formulated and implemented training programs, applied principles of learning and individual differences.
  • Conducted research studies of physical work environments, organizational structures, communication systems, group interactions, morale, and motivation to assess organizational functioning.
  • Developed interview techniques, rating scales, and psychological tests used to assess skills, abilities, and interests for the purpose of employee selection, placement, and promotion.
  • Observed and interviewed workers to obtain information about the physical, mental, and educational requirements of jobs as well as information about aspects such as job satisfaction.
  • Coached senior executives and managers on leadership and performance.

human resources

  • Partner with line managers and business management to Proactively address business issues related to work force planning development employee engagement and productivity.
  • Work closely with functional business managers to understand their business and team members and build strong business relationship.
  • Responsible for identification, diagnosis and resolution of HR related issues.
  •  Events Organization

human resources / staffing coordinator

  • Conduct recruitment for hourly staff
  • Process applications for employment by reviewing references and conducting Criminal History Records check
  • Interview candidates
  • Process all new hire paperwork
  • Conduct new employee orientation
  • Coordinate benefits program
  • Maintain employee files and database 

human resources

  • Update, maintain, monitor, file and report on new and existing employee data though HRP5.
  • Align information from previous HR system and liaising with Payroll and other departments to keep data accuracy 
  • Assist department supervisors 
  • Partner with managers on employee relations issues

human resources/payroll

  • Conduct new employee orientation by reviewing all needed paperwork
  • Entering all new hires information into the computer system.
  • Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages 
  • Respond to unemployment claims 

human resources,admin,finance & account assistant.

  • Prepared complete and accurate design documentation and build/quality/performance records(KPI)
  • Built and maintain team to prevent high turnover in the company
  • Mentored, coached and developed team members while recognizing strengths and developing future leaders
  • Exercised critical thinking such as every problem must have a solution Or Option.
  • Calculate payroll for nearly end of month
  • Using KAKITANGAN.COM system for payroll payment
  • Delivered friendly assistance with new hires throughout interviewing and hiring process

human resources

  • Recruitment and Training ( May 2016 – October 2017)
  • Employee Relations and Administrative Services(November 2017 – December 2018)
  • Benefits and Records (January 2019 – present)
  • Reviewed job applications to identify, vet and recommend optimal candidates.