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gis analyst

  • My project was to develop telecom broadband network wherein I had to develop  the NBN (National Broadband Network) by replacing the old TELSTRA connections
  • My job responsibilities were to  build and maintain the connections of telecom network for a particular area assigned to me where  I had to replace the existing  copper cable connections with fibre  cables.
  • I also had to raise defects when the equipments available were found defective or it were the old connections still present so as to get it replaced with new equipments and the new connections.
  • I worked in the technologies of FTTC(Fibre to the Curb), FTTN(Fibre to the Node) and CFR(Copper fall out remediation) using SpatialNet tool which is an AutoCAD tool using CITRIX XENAPP remote desktop software.

gis analyst

  • Working on Innovative Navigation Project of Automation Vehicle .
  • Use different Process such as Lane Modelling , Lane Labelling , Localisation model buildout (LOMOBO), Image Review, Lidar Review, Transnap, etc.
  • We trained detector of HERE tour vehicle to detect signs, barriers etc, present on the road for an automation driving.
  • We modify, classify, segreggate images according to the Global Feature Repository (GFR) into the database.

gis analyst

  • Create solutions for clients using GIS tools such as ArcGIS Pro and other ESRI software.
  • Conducting the processing of aerial survey data to produce deliverables such as Digital Elevation Models. 
  • Training clients how to fly drones and process collected aerial imagery.
  • Create proposals and quotation for clients interested in acquiring some of the organization products such as laser scanning technology, drones and tablets to name a few. 

gis analyst

  • Delivering specialised technical and GIS services to support the planning and management of  
  • Experienced Map cartography details.
  • Map Digitization for all over india
  • Using Auto CAD and coral draw softwares. 

senior gis analyst

  • Gathered, compiled and analyzed data related to demographics and other socio-economic issues 
  • Used GIS software to plot data, prepare maps and generate reports demonstrating program success and the relationship of related data sets 
  • Query, analyze and prepare statistics on spatial and non-spatial data using different tools 
  • Performed predictive analytics, reporting and visualization of data 
  • Prepared and conducted presentations at departmental meetings, trainings and select conferences