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furnace operator

  • Operate Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle Metallurgical Furnace.
  • Calculate scrap, alloy, and flux additions for each heat of steel.
  • Furnace tapping.
  • Furnace make up and refractory inspection.
  • Create and monitor burner and injection profiles.
  • Adjust chemistry and temperature of molten steel to meet the caster and QC requirements.
  • Responsible for melting KPI’s such as Metallic Yield, Tons Per Hour, Refractory Consumption, Electrode Consumption, Power Off Time, Alloy Consumption, Lime Consumption, and Electrical Energy Consumption.

furnace operator

  •  Setting up furnace parameters and temperatures following process sheets instructions. 
  •  Responsible for putting coils on skids and safely loading coils into the furnace while wearing high temperature protective gear.
  •   Responsible for using fork truck and stacker to deliver coils to different operations after processing.
  • Adjust scrap recipes to meet cost and quality requirements.

furnace operator

  • operate an arc furnace