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factory worker

  • Clean and lubricate parts and subassemblies, using grease paddles or oilcans.
  • Drill, tap, ream, countersink, and spot-face bolt holes in parts, using drill presses and portable power drills.
  • File, lap, and buff parts to fit, using hand and power tools.
  • Pack or fold insulation between panels.
  • Operate or tend automated assembling equipment, such as robotics and fixed automation equipment.

factory worker

  •  Scan packages and put on appropriate pallet for shipping.
  • Make sure all boxes are shipped out by 4 AM
  • Unload trailors/Load trailors
  • Rebox damaged boxes
  • Factory work for amazon shipping

factory worker (quality control)

  •  Inspect, test, or measure materials or products being produced 
  •  Accept or reject finished items 
  •  Remove all products and materials that fail to meet specifications 
  • Put warm copper in boxes

factory worker

  • Installation and wiring of 12v accessories (lights, switches, trailer plugs, tail lights, fridges, oven appliances, air conditioners, solar panels, water pumps)
  • Installation & sealing of windows, doors, solar panels, roll out awnings, Stone guards, tyre fitting & balancing
  • Sheet metal work (Preparing/Installation of Roof sheeting & Side cladding)
  • Plumbing water pumps, tanks & septic systems

factory worker/labourer

  • Maintain production equipment and machinery.
  • Determine work assignments and procedures.
  • Complete production reports to communicate team production level to management.
  • Rotate through all the tasks required in a particular production process.
  • Package finished products and prepare them for shipment.