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credit analyst/accounting clerk

  • Initially employed 2010-2011 as a credit analyst
  • Returned to assist with credit card reconciliation after a software upgrade.
  • Filled in for employee on maternity leave as credit analyst (initial position)
  • Send out/Reply to credit references
  • Setup new accounts
  • Posted Payments
  • Processed bank deposits remotely

credit analyst

  • To verify the client details as given in the application.
  • Do risk assessment of the applicants.
  • Prepare the financial analysis sheet and scoring tool.
  • To verify the credit discipline and Check the Cibil Bureau score of applicants and Guarantor.
  • To verify and check consumer and commercial Cibil bureau reports and its scores.
  • Follow up with the branch officials to ensure compliance and completion of various processes till sanction and disbursement .
  • Analyze bank statement and Check the transaction frequency and also identify the cheque bounces 

credit analyst

  • Responsible for managing trade receivable of handled accounts
  • Responsible for ensuring timely collections of accounts and immediate resolution of hanging balances
  • Responsible for reviewing the price zone of accounts to ensure the accuracy of discounts reflected on the system
  • Perform control measure to ensure the accuracy, validity and timeliness of analysis of collections
  • Conduct monthly account confirmation to reconcile hanging balances
  • Performed credit reviews on corporations to assess financial conditions
  • Conducted financial review of customer lines of credit by assessing company financials and initiating credit application reviews

credit analyst

  •  Credit Analysis, Accounts Receivable for Honeywell Aerospace. Handling a portfolio of $12 Million
  •  Leading the Aircraft on ground (AOG) Team – Managing Orders for the customer’s and releasing high Priority Orders for the sites for aircraft on ground globally. Handling a team of six members 
  • Analyzing as well as evaluating the credit worthiness of customers based on various credit reports like Dun & Bradstreet, CRM 
  • Setting credit line for customer’s doing business with Honeywell Aerospace. 
  • Cash forecasting, for projecting monthly receivables on portfolios with day three variance 

credit analyst

  • Preparation of  CMA Data and projections for Borrower’s Credit Assessment
  • Ratio & Trend Analysis of the Financial Statements of the Borrower
  • Performing various checks as per RBI Circulars and Guidelines
  • Preparation of Appraisal Note for submitting before sanctioning authority 
  • Preparation of Sanction Letters, Modification Notes 
  • Analyzing the Demands of Temporary/ Ad-Hoc limits by Borrowers  
  • Cross Checking with Bank’s various Internal Policies and Circulars/Notifications