Consultant Resume Examples

consultant/ business associate

  • Sell various types of insurance policies to businesses and individuals on behalf of insurance companies, including automobile, fire, life, property, medical and dental insurance or specialized policies such as marine, farm/crop, and medical malpractice.
  • Inspect property, examining its general condition, type of construction, age, and other characteristics, to decide if it is a good insurance risk.
  • Confer with clients to obtain and provide information when claims are made on a policy.
  • Explain necessary bookkeeping requirements for customer to implement and provide group insurance program.


  • To understand Source to Target mapping thoroughly including intended functionality and raise any questions as part of initial query log to BA’s.
  • To work with BA’s and get clarity on queries related to functionality or missing details in S2T raised as part of query log.
  • To work closely with Data creation team and come up with data creation scenarios for Historical and Incremental testing.
  • To design sql validation queries(Equivalent to ETL informatica mapping) for SIT testing based on Source to Target mapping
  • To execute queries designed as part of SIT testing to test the functionality and raise defects if any through JIRA and HPQC.
  • To work on Requirement and reconciliation testing and highlight gaps in requirements to BA’s/Dev team and propose for enhancements if needed 
  • To actively participate in Daily stand-up call/S2T Clarification call with BA’s and Dev team.

consultant / associate consultant

  • Sourcing the profiles from LinkedIn, references and networking 
  • Sourcing the profiles from internal database which is a popular product called „Hirepro AMS‟.Sourcing the profiles from references 
  • Headhunting from professional networking and by cold calling 
  • Although it was not my part of job but I was able to make some new clients 


  • Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services. 
  • Initiate market research studies or analyze their findings on the different products that we provide. 
  • To prepare test summary and acceptance criteria document.
  • Triggering and Monitoring ETL jobs.


  • Creates advocates by connecting to the customer and providing resolution to their inquiries
  • Provides assistance to the team by giving them appropriate and accurate product information
  • Shares best practices to the team to help meet expectations on a monthly target
  • Maintaining Change Log Tracker for project.

consultant, java| ibm bpm

  • Involved in httpbasic security configuration for the application using spring security.
  • Involved entity design and development using spring jpa, have a good knowledge with ORM frameworks like Spring-JPA, hibernate.
  • Involved in database refactoring using liquibase, adding and editing dynamic database fields.
  • Involved in working with email channel for sending mails using JMS, and java mail.
  • Involved in the implementation of the notification framework.
  • Involved in the implementation of audit trail handling feature in the application.
  • I have a good knowledge working in angular mvc architecture, worked upon routing of the pages, and writing controllers.


  • Client Communication and Demos. 
  • Design of the System 
  • Implementation of modules in Java technology using Core Java, Web services and spring framework (Spring Boot). 
  • Testing the system for its functionality (Writing Junits). 
  • Deployment of Code in various environment. 
  • Training other team members on functionality as well as technology point of view. 

senior consultant, risk and analytics

  • Gathering Business and Functional Requirements, Business Requirement Document (BRD, conducting Gap Analysis and Elicitation.
  • Collaborated deliverable with QA testing teams, business users (gathering user’s requirements to develop necessary (Test Cases and Test scripts etc.). 
  • Specifications, Functional Specifications, and System Requirements Specifications (SRS).
  • Preparation of User stories, acceptance criteria
  • Team player work in conjunction with testing, development and other teams in validation and testing complex scenarios and projects and in the maintenance of Quality Standards in Projects.
  • Preparing reverse KT documents and present it to clients, to ensure well understanding of system followed by sharing the knowledge with team.
  • Facilitation of work group meeting with stakeholders, webex and conference calls.


  • Consultation for a non-profit organisation A Sound Life in Sydney. 
  • Analysing websites, financial statements, events, donation & grants, volunteers and provide recommendations to organisations to improve their performance. 
  • Maintaining Documents at Sharepoint.
  • Estimation, design and development of various modules.


  • Coordinating with other teams working on the same project and Ensuring smooth delivery of the project.
  • Responsible for analysing and gathering application requirements.
  • Participation in daily scrum call.
  • Sign off’s on Requirement documents, Test cases and UAT results.