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civil inspector

  •  Monitoring all works in progress and immediately notifies the responsible Site Engineer, Supervisor or Foreman of any activity that may not be in accordance with Project Specifications.
  • Ensuring all inspections and tests requirements are carried out as indicated on the appropriate Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).
  • Ensuring all inspections and tests are recorded on the appropriate form or checklist as indicated on the relevant ITP.
  • Preparing & submitting request for inspections and testing (RFIT) and cooperating fully with client staff in completing such inspections.
  • Ensuring any outstanding works or remedial works required is brought to the attention of the responsible Site Engineer, Supervisor or Foreman.
  • Reporting any defective material or non-conforming activity to the QA/QC Engineer.
  • Preparing handover documentation packages as required.

civil inspector

  • Coordinated construction planning, material resources and staff scheduling to ensure on-time, under-budget completion for various profitable projects valued.
  •  Assessed engineering documentation to determine order of construction operations.
  • Sustained safety protocols, ensuring proper, cost-effective and safe handling and usage of equipment and materials.
  • Complying with all valid safety instructions and current contractor standing instructions.

civil inspector

  • Liaising and cooperating with site, head office staff and client personnel and ensuring harmonious working relationships are maintained.
  • Preparing Materials Receiving Report (MRR), Materials Inspection Report (MIR) & Materials Delivered to Site (MDS).
  • Coordinating to the Third party prior to sampling or testing and Consultant’s inspector to witness.
  • Sampling and testing for all related materials of each discipline according to the minimum frequency required as per BS & ASTM Standards.
  • Analyzing test results if it meets specification requirements based on the project specification. 
  • Submitting Test Reports every end of the month. 
  • Ensuring that all related equipment and Batching Plants are calibrated as per requirements.