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care giver

  • Help client with personal hygiene, dressing, bathing and other daily tasks.
  • Perform basic health care services for client including checking vital signs or administering prescription medication.
  • Help with general light housekeeping.
  • Make transportation arrangements as needed.
  • Work with a nurse, personal care aide, and other caregivers and in-home care professionals.
  • Observe and report on patient condition.

care giver

  • administrating medicine
  • transporting her to doctors appointments
  • help getting dressed/undressed if needed
  • making meals and snacks
  • cleaning the house
  • making sure she did not take any falls because she is very unstable
  • helping with other activities that she couldn’t do by herself

care giver

  • Provided therapy ( walking, standing, sitting, and eating)
  • Obtain glucose readings, administered insulin
  • Feeding tubes, (cleaning and feeding)
  • Trache care ( cleaning and suctioning) 
  • Cooking and preparing meals for clients 
  • Light house keeping ( washing clothes, sweeping, and mopping )
  • Running errands  for client ( purchasing groceries, paying bills, picking up medication at pharmacy)

care giver / babysitter / house cleaner

  • Oversea clients schedules, routines, Dr. Appointments, med intake etc.
  • Performed housekeeping duties including cleaning and meal preporation….
  • Ensure children are bathed, fed, homework is done (If any) and in bed (If late) prior to parents return from work
  • Took children to parks & playground if well behaved 
  • Clean & organize house whenever necessary

care giver

  • Assess medical needs. Checking on your senior loved one’s health is an important caregiver responsibility. … 
  • Prepare a care plan. … 
  • Assist with basic needs. … 
  • Provide companionship. … 
  • Help with housekeeping. … 
  • Monitor medications. … 
  • Assess your care plan regularly. …