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animal caretaker

  • Worked in both paid employee and unpaid volunteer positions
  • Cleaned individual cages and group rooms; general sanitation maintenance
  • Dispensed meals and medication when necessary
  • Assessed and recorded animals’ eliminations, activity levels, and general health
  • Brushed fur and trimmed nails
  • Got to know each animal one-on-one and developed a personal relationship and knowledge of each individual’s history
  • Used personal knowledge of each animal to make recommendations to potential pet adopters

animal caretaker / retail associate

  • Assist customers by explaining products, methods, or services.
  • Perform tasks such as cleaning and maintenance of animal quarters.
  • Assist customers paying for their merchandise, by taking their payment and providing them with the appropriate amount of change using a cash register.
  • Providing care such as feeding, medicating, and cleaning up after a variety of animals including horses, dogs, ducks, and chickens. 

animal caretaker

  • During my internship as an animal caretaker in the Endangered Wolf Center my duties consisted of feeding, diet prep, setting out water, enrichment, and exercising the wolves.
  • Cleaning out their living spaces and testing the wolves was also done throughout my time there to ensure that they were adapting and living in the best environment possible.
  • It was also important for their lifestyles to make sure their food was properly prepared and given at the specified times.
  • Training the different species was a constant part of our daily routine at the wolf center in order to have the species listening to commands.
  • It was often times a hectic environment seeing as animals are at times unexpected in their ways, but I was there to make sure things would run smoothly.

animal caretaker

  • Care for various animals (Horses, Dogs, Goats, Birds)
  • Took care of daily responsibilities (Feeding, Grooming)
  • Maintained farm (Cleaned, Painted, Repaired)
  • Maintain reception area to greet customers, answer phones, and keep space sanitary and neat .

animal caretaker

  • Feed and administer any medicines to the dogs
  • Keep a clean area with a daily morning deep clean of the entire kennel area
  • Clean facilities and equipment such as animal pens, animal crates, laundry, and dishes
  • Inventory of supplies.

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