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survey assistant

  • Measure distances and angles between points on, above, and below the Earth’s surface
  • Travel to locations and select known reference points to determine the exact location of important features
  • Establish stake sites and official land and water boundaries
  • Research land records, survey records, and land titles
  • Look for evidence of previous boundaries to determine where boundary lines are located
  • Record the results of surveying and verify the accuracy of data
  • Prepare plots, maps, and reports

survey assistant / survey drafter

  •       Assist senior surveyors in field and construction sites·       Prepare survey plans·       Create and manage survey reports and databases·       Take measurements·       Collaborate with surveyors in performing daily duties·       Ensure compliance with survey activities, as well as standards and regulations·       Transport, handle and maintain survey equipment as well as utensils·       Participate in establishing survey plans, strategies, objectives as well as organisational goals·       Conduct research activities in order to discover new and improved survey techniques·       Participate in planning, as well as the organisation and scheduling of survey activities·       Introduce results and measurements into a computer program
  • Assisting surveyor on all types of survey work, varying from detail surveys, final pegging, all types of setouts, and conformance surveys. 
  • Present findings to clients, government agencies, and others
  • Take notes of land for deeds, leases, and other legal documents

survey assistant

  • Performed document searches on properties in several South East Kansas courthouses
  • Led a survey crew to perform legal boundary surveys on property splits
  • Draft completed survey plats using AutoCAD drafting software
  • Write legal descriptions for completed survey tracts

survey assistant

  • Small to medium business which provided a large variety of Survey solutions
  • Mainly catering to Engineering solutions such as construction, landfills and quarries
  • Cadastral surveys were also a big part of the business model
  • Undertook many different types of construction set-outs in high pressure situations
  • Undertook many different types of surveys for landfills/quarries using many equipment such as total stations, GNSS receivers, 3D scanners and also assisted with drone surveys
  • Completed a large feature and utility location survey at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the new metro tunnels being built as well as underground 3D scanning
  • Undertook a variety of construction set-outs for larger projects such as the ANZ Data Bank in Mount Waverly