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More Job Descriptions for pest control Resumes


pest control

  • suit of in overalls and a wet suit to crawl into the crawl space of the apartments 
  • first we go int to determine if there is any leaking pipes and replace as need
  •  we dig a trench around the perimeter, install a J drain 
  • Pull all the insulation out of the building because of water damage and mold.
  • Install a sub-pump, which is connected to a drain pipe and the J drain. the J drain pushes all the water in the building from the leaking pipes to the sub-pump, where the sub-pump then puts the water into the drain pipe  out of the crawl space
  • We break a whole into the wall that divides the three section of the building, so we can do this process int the other sections
  • Once all the sections are completed we spray board care on all the floor boards to prevent mold

pest control

  • Transfer tools, parts, equipment, and supplies to and from work stations and other areas.Transfer tools, parts, equipment, and supplies to and from work stations and other areas.
  • Work in many different conditions 
  • Great communication skills
  • Nail foam boards around the perimeter

pest control

  • lay Polly which is a thick tarp to cover the ground to make it easier and clean
  • then tape the Polly to the foam boards, cover vents and install dehumidifiers  to keep it dry