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More Job Descriptions for meter reader Resumes


meter reader

  • Responsible for traveling to different residential and commercial locations on assigned routes and gathering accurate data regarding the amount of utilities (gas) used.
  • Responsible for recognizing an abnormal output of utilities.
  • Check meters on properties for defects and damage as well as for signs of utility theft with unauthorized connections to any systems.
  • Spent many hours outdoors in all types of weather on foot and in the company vehicle
  • Interact with customers at their homes answering billing questions

meter reader

  • Conduct daily meter routine.
  • Completed maintains in meter boxes and replaced meter lids.
  • Read over 400 meters daily and completed check reads.
  • Reported damage to boxes and meters.
  • Reported leaks, such as tailpieces, leak on the main or a leaking hydrant to construction.

meter reader

  • Utilized meter reading technology to locate the customer address, meter number and input the accurate reading for electrical consumption.
  • Maintain excellent customer relations showing respect and common courtesy to customers and their property
  • Noted and reported damaged meter equipment
  • Completed and collected the hydro reads of scheduled and assigned routes on a monthly cycle (industrial/commercial and residential) 

meter reader

  • Read residential and commercial water meters on an assigned route and recorded readings manually or electronically to a Sensus handheld device in a timely manner.
  • Walked for long periods of time and worked in all weather conditions; drove a city vehicle to assigned route.
  • Installed and replaced meters including Sensus iPERL smart water meters and meter registers; verified secure connections.
  • Inspected meters and connections for defects and damage and indicated on the handheld device for necessary action.
  • Responded to citizen’s questions, comments and concerns in a courteous manner.
  • Cleaned, maintained and installed meter boxes; cleaned dirt and weeds in and around and trimmed bushes and trees obstructing meter boxes.
  • Downloaded daily-weekly route data to the handheld device and performed special meter readings as requested through service orders.

meter reader

  • Collecting meter readings on site, reporting leakages, pipe burst, illegal consumption and high conumption.
  • Organized and planned routes for final notice drop offs, verification and final reads
  • Assisted the Water Distribution Department in removing and replacing main service lines and occasionally flushing fire hydrants.
  • Maintained necessary supplies, tools, and equipment in City vehicle; inspected City vehicle daily and kept weekly reports of vehicle’s condition.