Andrew Smith

287 Custer Street, Hopewell, PA 00000
(000) 000-0000

Professional Summary

Embedded Software Engineer with 2+ years of experience working on core platforms for mobile and automotive infotainment systems at Qualcomm. A dedicated professional committed to providing high quality design implementations and diligent support to the customers. My greatest strength is my work ethic and willingness to keep learning and evolving. 

Employment history

Embedded Software Engineer, Quitzon, Runolfsdottir and Farrell. Wiltonfort, Rhode Island
May. 2019 – Present
  • Enabled USB controller subsystem on SnapDragon 439 (SDM439) mobile platform - a value tier chipset launched in mid 2018.
  • Supported all the USB functional features and debug issues reported by testing teams and customers.
  • Delivered myriad of features and customer specific requirements on Qualcomm automotive platforms (S820, SA6155 and SA8155) - all premium/high value tier chipsets.
  • Assigned the role of dedicated core technology engineer for Automotive platforms

  • Successful SDM439 launch: VIVO customer has launched as many as 3 different phones with SDM439 at the core.
  • Awarded Qualstars for USB PHY based charger detection solution deliverable: a feature very important for Chinese and Indian customers.
  • Awarded Qualstar for smooth SA6155 bringup: Multiple customers have signed up and working on this project.
Embedded Associate Engineer, Schmitt-Lehner. Sandraberg, Texas
Jan. 2017 – Jul. 2017
  • Ramped up to speed and knowledge gather process from trainings and presentations.
  • Worked on porting of Tunnel Mode USB Audio feature from MSM8998 platform to MSM8953 platform for Samsung customer, and debugged eventual issues.
  • Worked on various other feature deliverables and customer issues on automotive and MDM solutions.

  • Awarded Qualstar for diligent porting activity of tunnel mode feature and fixing issues: This feature led to significant power savings on Applications processor.
  • Awarded Orion Insta award for handling multiple crucial customer issues.


Western Mills College, North Georgiannfort, Alaska
Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, Mar. 2016




Bug analysis - tools and knowledge
Presentation skills

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embedded software engineer

  • Integrating libraries and fixing bugs and errors for AUTOSAR compliant code.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Performed testing on software to uncover bugs and issues.
  • Followed a specific workflow that included :working with ticketing System, reporting problems to clients, documenting and maintaining requirements.

embedded software engineer

  • Enhanced and developed the embedded C code for NXP M4 processor based smartrise controller board. 
  • Controlled and updated RTC time to the beagle bone controller from front end, beagle bone starts counting time and updated to the shield (Beagle Bone, Beagle bone shield, API, Embedded C , WinSCP, MCUxpresso IDE).
  • Developed tester software to pick out the bad module boards instantly.  
  • Developed load weighing system module for existing elevator controller to estimate the load of elevator. Analyzed and monitored the data packets with USB logic Analyzer and Salea Software.  
  • Troubleshooted real time smartrise controller issues and drive faults on site. 

senior embedded software engineer

  • EcuM configuration and EcuMExt Implementation
  • COM Ipdu control
  • Sleep / Wake-up handling
  • RDBID implementation

embedded software engineer, bridge software engineer

  • Bug fix and test for portable-type biosensor, which could make emergency call, measure and update location information or activity information.
  • Bug fix and new function develop for wristband-type biosensor which is capable for measuring and storing activity/conversation/UV/skin temperature/pulse information. Kinds of setting, data transfer by BLE or USB is also available.
  • Develop small-size 3G gateway to transmit data from biosensors to server.
  • Develop new generation wristband-type biosensor with new OLED screen and other advanced sensors.
  • Develop new generation gateway with Linux system, which support wifi and 4G.
  • As bridge software engineer, communicate between Japanese customer and Chinese develop team, manage project progress and provide technical support.

embedded software engineer

  • Building Unmanned Armed Systems.
  • Coordinating the armed system with cameras, sensors etc.
  • Debugging and Testing Safety-Critical Softwares.
  • Organized software architect through Military Software Standards.
  • Coordinated working with other engineer teams.