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email marketing manager

  • Responsible for complete end to end mailing of various clients  
  • Worked on HTML and CSS to optimize the mailer code for Email Campaigns 
  • Worked on DNS, Mail Bounce handling. 
  •  Worked with the return path tool specially designed to optimize the performance of email delivery of various clients. 
  • Responsible for manual system testing, and checking and scanning e-mail content, suggesting and implementing best practices and methods of E-Mail Marketing to clients. 
  • Working on IP Management for blacklists, reputation 
  • Working on Mx-Toolbox Tool 

email marketing manager

  • Checking Logs for relaying and bounces of mails. 
  •  Working on DNS, Mail Bounce handling. 
  • Setting of PTR, PTF, A, MX Records in DNS. 
  • Adding the SPF (Sender policy framework) and DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail) Records. 

email marketing manager

  • Managed the company’s email campaigns and communicating company brands through email marketing.
  • Analyzed existing email marketing campaigns and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Planned database segmentation and implementing A/B testing on campaigns to improve metrics.
  • Tracked and reported on email campaigns in order to guide improvements.

email marketing manager

  • Lead all components of AAC’s email marketing efforts.
  • Work with stakeholders to ensure that all campaigns align with overall strategy, branding, marketing, communication and sales goals.
  • Manage all email campaigns end-to-end, including planning, targeting, set-up, testing, execution, reporting and optimization.