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  • Provided technical support to any other surveyors involved with each project.
  • Collected land survey data using GPS system.
  • Prepared survey drawings and descriptions as directed.
  • Provided survey and mapping services to meet client requirements.
  • Performed detailed field surveys and oversaw the activities of field survey crews in performing the survey.
  • Maintained accurate notes, records and sketches to describe and certify work performed.
  • Researched previous survey evidence, maps, physical evidence and other records.


  • Supervised and coordinated teams for survey and meteorologists operations.
  • Competed survey data, plotted geographic/UTM coordinates and performed azimuth transfer data.
  • Assisted collection, evaluation, and dissemination of survey and meteorological information.
  • Supervised and performed maintenance on electronic and manual survey and meteorological equipment, analyzed and repaired computer and peripheral equipment.
  • Established digital and voice communications, performed task shown in preceding level of skill and provide technical guidance to supervisors.
  • Recorded technical reports/ documentations, such as handbooks or bulletins, for use by staff or management.


  • Use survey instruments to mark points, find property corners/irons
  • Read prints given from office to search for property corners/irons
  • Use  equipment to draw out new, future buildings
  • Take care of, clean, and maintenance survey equipment
  • Cut line using brush blades
  • Set new points using equipment
  • Have decent knowledge of how to use survey data collector


  • Measure distance from one end of the building to the other. 
  • Document measurement 
  • Survey of the field as organization specified.
  • Survey of the 22 District of Kabul City regarding to the Traffic Congestion 


  • Responsible for confirming control points and bench loop for new road construction, realignment and site work
  • Using confirmed benchmarks, stake and grade all the right of ways, road base, ponds, DRA, swales, curbs, sidewalks and asphalt.
  • Complete as built after completion of project. 
  • Performed detailed land surveys by having a keen sense of detail and good communication skills with my colleagues