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state trooper

  •  Conduct investigations into crime, alleged abuse, burglaries, robberies, and misconduct 
  •  Work effectively in multi-precinct jurisdiction 
  •  Lead investigations into apprehending felons 
  •  Safely and responsibly operate patrol vehicles 
  •  Conduct professional interviews with victims, suspects, perpetrators, and criminals 
  •  Made forcible arrests and apprehensions when necessary 
  •  Collaborated with other law enforcement agencies throughout the country to apprehend felons

state trooper

  • Patrolled roads and highways to enforce traffic laws.
  • Enforce traffic and criminal laws.
  • Directed traffic during emergency.
  • Investigated traffic crashes and provided assistance to motorists
  • Wrote reports on arrests made
  • Prepared cases for trial and testify in court as a witness 

state trooper

  •  Received letters of appreciation from community members 
  • Received commendation and a public award for saving a life
  • Wrote detailed reports and legal documents