Sr Manager Resume Examples

sr manager /director – technical services & project execution

  • Leading team and executing projects for localisation projects,HSS,Direct sales,Drop ship projects 
  • responsible for Operational and statutory requirements compliance
  • Implementation and streamlining of customer support with automated ticketing system
  • Helping BOD in laying Business plan and executions  
  • Establishment of strategy for revenue and profit for department, in addition to planning and budgeting 
  • excellence in customer feedback and cost consciousness.
  • Dealer development and channelizing

sr manager

  •  System administration and security administration of  LINUX /SOLARIS servers in ISP data center.
  • System administration of Carrier Grade DNS system of ISP.
  • Managing  support for ISP system hardware/software through vendor support.
  • Procurement  process of required hardware/software or support services through E-tendering  process.
  • Co-ordination with different Govt agencies for providing various compliance related to ISP operations.

sr manager, sales & marketing

  • Added top line companies in the company’s portfolio.
  • Increased brand visibility in the region.
  • Added dedicated and on call vendors to support the operation team. Trained the sales and operation team for overall growth of the branch. Timely review of pricing and discounts given to clients and new prospects.
  • Introduced sales reports to help the management understand the business scenario and expected growth of the company.
  • Able to maintain a cordial working environment in the branch suitable for growth. 
  • Removedbottleneck(Payments,operationalissues)bytimelyaddressingtheissues. Abletoexplorenewsegmentswithnewproductsforinclusivegrowthofthecompany.
  • Able to explore new markets and able to attach suppliers in those regions.

sr manager, trust & safety operations

  • Supervise, coach and develop a team of 36 analysts, 4 SMEs and 4 managers that is responsible for protecting users, advertisers and publisher networks by continuous monitoring of ads, enforcing guidelines, detecting malicious behavior in ads, finding suspicious traffic patterns and thereby, providing up to the minute threat protection.
  • Provide strategic direction and define short and long term goals for the team to help achieve the company overall goals.
  • Serving as a point of contact for critical business escalations and complex problems requiring managerial intervention.
  • Lead staffing, hiring, project management, process transition and other initiatives.
  • Work with cross functional teams like product, engineering, policy, sales and account management to develop a global strategy for risk mitigation.

sr manager , tax consultant

  • In June 2014, I was appointed as in-charge of the complete unit Cherukuri Business Consultants Private Limited, by handling the 30 members of team, taken up all the responsibilities of managing the whole unit right from the development of the Business and administration works.
  • Handled works related Business registrations as required under GST, Labour Laws & Trade Licenses, Partnership Firms, Trade Marks & Copyrights, Incorporation of Pvt. Ltd., Trust, Society, etc., DSC registration.
  • Filing of Individual , Partnership Firm , Company ,Society , Trust , Income Tax Returns.
  • Filing of GST Returns, TDS Returns, PF Returns.
  • Filing of Annual returns with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Maintenance of Register in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Statutory Notice Replies related to Income Tax ,GST , PF , ESI , etc., issues as per the applicant Act’s.

sr manager

  • Organize UAT,SIT,CAT and production deployment tests for Web app (Digital CRM platform) ,Android & ios App.
  • Handling of the Accounting and Auditing Services of the Clients.
  • Liaison with the Bank’s, Departmental Authorities for assisting clients in various Taxation Matters.
  • Preparation of periodical financial results and yearly financial statements in accordance with the statutory requirements.

sr manager

  • Conducting training sessions to newly appointed employees on accounts and Taxation matters.
  • Offered clients recommendations to reduce tax liabilities.
  • Facilitated communication between clients and tax authorities.
  • Conducted reviews of internal tax documentation, reducing errors related to missed tax benefits.

sr manager

  • Counsel workers about job and career-related issues.Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ varying needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Responsibilities include overseeing the recruitment process, designing company policies and setting objectives for the HR team. … Ultimately, you will ensure our company attracts, hires, develops and retains qualified employees. 
  • Lead my team with integrity and created an environment where my team members feel included, valued, and supported to do work that energizes them.
  • Accomplished management responsibilities which include sourcing and hiring talented team members, providing ongoing coaching and feedback, recognizing and developing team members, identifying and managing risks, and completing daily management tasks.
  • Managed recruitment operations, P&L, budgeting, forecasting and finance

sr manager

  • Consulted with clients to assess and mitigate future tax liabilities and determine eligibility for tax abatement.
  • Completed and filed returns with tax departments at local, state and federal levels.
  • Maintained high-quality control standards by reviewing internal tax preparation documents for missed tax benefits.
  • Maintained complete records of client tax returns and supporting documentation in secured areas.

sr manager

  •  Monitoring the Progress of construction works and being enabler for adherence to the Schedule. 
  • Analysis of gaps, Co-ordination for corrective measures and recommending strategic initiatives for timely completion of works.
  • Development of systems for IT enabled monitoring of construction.
  • Preparation of statement of claims & rejoinder for Arbitration cases and providing technical support to legal counselor thereafter. 
  • Monitoring of Project costs 
  • Monitoring Opportunity & Risk matrix for all project under implementation and operations.