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  • Represent organizations or promote their objectives at official functions or delegate representatives to do so.
  • Conduct or direct investigations or hearings to resolve complaints or violations of laws or testify at such hearings.
  • Attend and participate in meetings of municipal councils or council committees.
  • Coordinate the development or implementation of budgetary control systems, recordkeeping systems, or other administrative control processes.
  • Direct or coordinate activities of businesses involved with buying or selling investment products or financial services.
  • Refer major policy matters to elected representatives for final decisions.
  • Prepare or present reports concerning activities, expenses, budgets, government statutes or rulings, or other items affecting businesses or program services.

president (volunteer)

  • Chair Committee meetings ensuring they follow an agenda and are correctly recorded and minutes are distributed to all committee members and a register and archive maintained.
  • Be a role Model for the club, and acting as spokesperson and demonstrating a positive image at all times.
  • Assist in the development of partnerships with other clubs, Swimming WA, potential sponsors and funding organisations and local government spokes people.
  • Oversee the overall running of the club and support all  committee members in their roles.
  • Collaborate and develop documentation with committee and ensure it is kept up to date i.e. Constitution, by-laws and policies.
  • Provide guidance and advice on club policies and procedures to solve issues within the club. Advise on conflict resolution process.


  • Adopted measures by Treasury Secretary Hamilton. It reduced debt.
  • Established many peace treaties with Native American tribes
  • Approved a bill that established a permanent district near the Potomac River
  • Signed a bill authorizing Congress to place a tax on distilled spirits
  • Passed the Militia Act of 1792 and personally led the troops
  • Sent John Jay to negotiate the Jay Treaty, established a clear boundary between America and Canada
  • Served 2 terms as President of the United States


  • Develop fundraising activity plans that maximize participation or contributions and minimize costs.
  • Recruit sponsors, participants, or volunteers for fundraising events.
  • Secure speakers for charitable events, community meetings, or conferences to increase awareness of charitable, nonprofit, or political causes.
  • Teach students the basics of starting a business, marketing, and finance. 


  • Responsible for all aspects of operating the business for commercial and residential construction.
  • Plan, coordinate, and oversee students’ participation in several business-idea competitions. 
  • Managed, in less than a year, to turn into one of the largest morning activities at school.
  • Preside over or serve on boards of directors, management committees, or other governing boards.