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  • Write and record orders into computers
  • Cut down stems of each and every flower
  • Made each flower presentable by removing damaged petals
  • Put flowers in vases 
  • Add food to each vase and water as well
  • Packed vases into boxes and stored into trailers to send to local stores


  • Communicates to high school students across New South Wales regarding the study skills of top students. 
  • Content is communicated through seminar style speeches ranging from 45 to 90 minutes. 
  • Required to learn 5-10,  20-50 page scripts to memory. 
  • Required to adapt the presentations to the needs of different students across the state. 


  • I’ve worked as a brand manager and a presenter of a popular food brand ” Vispak” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This helped me develop social skills and the ability to adapt to different enviroments while developing a certain sensitivity to customer individual preferences.
  • This helped me refine my approach when it comes to teaching because I’ve accumulated a massive experience in recognizing people’s personal preferences in communication and adapting accordingly to them.
  • During my tenure I’ve:
  • Greet guests, and present them with their meals.


  • Presenting the family show Dinosaur Zoo touring across England, Scotland and Wales followed by a tour of Sydney and North West NSW.
  • Discovered the mysterious behinds technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Analyze the direct interaction between global public with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Observed the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence (AI) debut.


  • Develop ideas for education programs then help the script writers.
  • Edit and record the programs then evaluate the programs along with the team who go to the elementary schools.