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park ranger/horticulturalist

  • Werribee Park is a park run by Parks Victoria near the town of Werribee.
  • Conducted my internship during my university holiday in order to gain experience on working in Australia.
  • Was involved in park maintenance, plant propagation, planting, weeding, volunteer management, mapping, and numerous other activities.
  • Conducted a mapping project to map certain trees in the park and compiled their GPS coordinates and updated Werribee Park’s database.
  • Presented with a certificate of training at the end of my internship.

park ranger

  • Feed park animals morning and night 
  • ensure their shelters were kept clean comfortable and structurally sound.
  • take tours of the park for guest from all over the world and provide daily up close encounters with the local rescued wildlife in the park.
  • maintain and clean park grounds, including task such as chainsawing, brush cutting and clearing paths.
  • ensuring the park was in such a state as to not be of any unnecessary fire risk during summer months.

park ranger

  • landscaping for the city parks and park owned properties, which included but not limited to lawn mowing, weed whacking, hand weeding, hedging bushes, mulching, etc. 
  • maintain parks overall cleanliness by discarding of trash and cleaning restrooms.
  • gave assistance to baseball fields when needed, this included chalking fields, placing mounds, setting up softball fencing and combing fields.
  • helping festivals on park property such as setting up large tents and or trash assistance.
  •  painting lines for football and soccer fields.
  •  dumping of discarded waste such as hard trimmings and or unwated trees and rocks.

park ranger

  • Monitor assigned areas for overall public safety
  •  Identify hazards to patrons 
  • Observe patrons to ensure compliance with park safety rules and regulations
  • Issue parking citations
  • Provide direct assistance to park patrons for deposit reimbursement and posting of reserved parks and shelters
  •  Direcr patrons to picnic areas and other park locations
  •  Patrol and lock down park areas after hours 

park ranger

  •  ranging the park directing guests and educating those upon the animals and how to interact with them safely. 
  • The guest were open to touch and experience a large range of land with kangaroos, koalas and emus along with other areas not so up close and personal with other animals. 
  • Confer with other workers to discuss issues such as safety, guest emergencies, or staff needs over 2 way. 
  • Assist with emergency situations where indicated