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music teacher

  • Teach students classical piano under SK Music Studio.
  • Adapt teaching methods to meet students’ needs, interests and abilities.
  • Incorporate music theory with classical piano for the students to have more understanding in the music they are playing.
  • Write handouts and analyse for students.
  • Assign and check homework.

music teacher

  • Certified Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Teacher
  • A.R.C.T. Performance Diploma (Violin + Piano)
  • teaching specializations for: Violin / Piano / Music Theory
  • responsibilities:weekly instructive lessons for students
  • developing personalized lesson plans for each student in accordance to their musical capability, level, and potential
  • ensuring lesson plans conform with RCM curriculum guidelines and syllabi
  • selecting and preparing individualized musical works for student progression

music teacher (keyboard)

  • Give group lessons for students between Grade 4-8. 
  • Teach Western Classical Music with Trinity Syllabus. 
  • Presenting lessons along with the historical background & general ideas about each composition. 
  • Presenting Music Theory lessons creatively to make the students  to understand the language of music  and developing a keen sense of musical awareness.
  • Focussing more pianistic approaches & techniques such as Rhythm, Correct Posture, Proper Techniques & Phrasing. 

music teacher

  • Piano lessons
  • Music theory 
  • Music Harmony
  • Music composition
  • Songwriting
  • Music thechnology

music teacher

  • Assisting senior teacher in training the students
  • Helping students to memorize musical selections and routines, or sing following printed text, musical notation etc.
  • Practice singing exercises in order to develop their voices and skills and to rehearse for upcoming roles.
  • Preparing students to perform before live audiences and sing along with them as a member of a vocal group or in solo.