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market analyst

  • Analyze market situation through market research, competitor visits and data management
  • Develop marketing strategy based on market characteristics
  • Represent the company in the regular monthly meeting of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines ( CAMPI )
  • Create monthly vehicle sales order based on the current sales requirement
  • Construct speeches for dealer conferences, suppliers, media, etc.
  • Plan, create and control marketing budget

market analyst(virtual intern)

  • Marketing Analysts at Qrius  had a intense 4 week internship that will give them exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. 
  • There are three primary aspects to the internship – 
  • Consulting Thesis – Analysts  has given a marketing subject area relevant to Qrius to deep dive into and provide insights. The best insights will be considered for implementation. The thesis is structured to provide learning opportunities to analysts.
  • Marketing Learning Modules – Specialised learning modules created by our team are shared with Analysts to help them understand marketing theory
  • Peer to Peer Marketing – Apart from the focus on the theoretical aspect of marketing, Qrius also encourages analysts to go out in the real world and speak to people. A 360 degree marketing program that involves communicating about the brand, gathering feedback and being a passionate brand evangelist.

market analyst

  • Developed market strategies by observing the market and figured out patterns from charts of energy market
  • Used skills such as risk management, money management, intellectual curiosity and independe
  • Continuously gathered and interpreted data on new price levels and patterns based on the changing prices of the commodities
  • Leading Teams & Developing Talent: Assigned as the head trainer for new associates regarding Analytic Framework & Answers Desktop Technical skills. Also managed & trained roster of 4 analysts who all exceed expectations and earned early promotions. 

market analyst

  • Conducted market research for over $22 million in Multi-Family properties
  • Created property packages and presented sales deals to potential clients
  • Responsible for the digital marketing
  • Collected and analyzed comparative market data on a continuous basis

market analyst

  • Identify, develop, or evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of market characteristics, current service connection status and cost factors.
  • Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote water service, working with general manager and business development and planning team.
  • Use sales forecasting or strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of service, analyzing business developments.
  • Prepare and review marketing reports and schedules to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • Developed and executed marketing programs and general business solutions resulting in increased service connection
  • Seek and provide information to help the company determine the current status of the business.
  • Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting service demand.